Femininity in London


There is a lady in charge of the country but there are no women here.

Things I once could see everyday or when ever I wanted with out having to ignore bad parts.

Femininity is Endangered.

Ignoring where everything else in the package is shit. Almost doesn’t qualify. Extreme bitchiness ruining moment is disqualification though I take measures to limit / prevent / disallow this now.

Last known sightings

Feminine voice = Not in years

Feminine walk = Not in years

Feminine Demeanor = Not in years

Feminine laugh = June 2016 (After years break)

Feminine Personality = Not in years

Feminine figure = Not in years

Feminine attire = Not in years

Feminine flirting = Not in years

Body parts

Hand = July 2016 (After years break)

Skin = Not in years

Nice legs = Not in years

Abs = Not in years

Boobs = Not in years

Hips = Not in years

Bum = Not in years

Hair = Not in years

Eyes = Not in years

Face = Not in years

The last two are just not going to happen don’t even look for that anymore.


Not in years

Will be updated with new sightings not holding my breath.

This should not have to be a thing!


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