You don’t have to go home but you should not stay here


ALL migrants are only here for money. That money is now worth a lot less. The ones that stay are here for benefit. Those born here are so their mother can get on benefits. I call them benefit babies. What were you born for?

£140 is now £120 a loss of £20

£1,400 is now £1,200 a loss of £200

£14,000 is now £12,000 a loss of £2,000

£28,000 is now £24,000 a loss of £4,000

£56,000 is now £48,000 a loss of £8,000

£140,000 is now £120,000 a loss of £20,000

It’s down more then this I rounded for easy numbers.

Most migrants get paid between £10-20 thousand a year. Most migrants only send/take home between £1,000 and £2,000 a year. That money is now more then gone. Smarter migrants will be gone before months End. You still have two years to move to the EU.

The ones who have moved here for several years saving up will have lots of that wiped out. As will the slum landlords who are now out £10,000+ a year for each home.

A lot of you don’t won’t to live with your own people we get it. Same reason we don’t want you here.

If you want to see culture, high taxes, dysfunctional governance, bickering linguistic groups, EU bureaucrats, tourists, migrants, and cops carrying submachine guns, all within minutes of each other. Everywhere is Europe is like this everywhere. Your home is probably a lot better then London though it may not have jobs. You and your country need to fix that shit just as we are trying to fix that shit here. Though clearly you are/were part of the problem.

Migrants are going to get paid. They are going to change that money and it’s going to be worth a lot less. As is what they send home to their owners family or other wise. Then they are going to go somewhere else. Maybe to the US with the new cheap airfare and before Trump gets elected.

The ones that leave before summer won’t come back. The ones that arrive in summer won’t stay long if they are stupid enough to try.

I really can’t tell the difference between collage students and council anymore. There are however a lot less illegal migrants Europeans took their jobs. I think a lot of 2ndgen has left due to (new) migrant caused issues. Poor EU collage students won’t return after summer bit stupid if you can’t finish. (The only thing that will change in London)

Tourist might actually be tourist rather then migrants doing tourist things. Because making things cheap actually leads to more wealthy people (Why there are no middle class people in London.)

Housing should get interesting. The media will call it brexit but most of it is tax changes. Homes should not be detached from wages anyway. New builds will stay the same. You can’t judge an economic trends based on weeks of info. Once the dust settles there will be a spike long term no change. Costs nothing to leave a flat empty most are not built yet. You now get a lot more for your money. New builds are not sold for massive profit anyway. (The penthouse is) There maybe a capital issues though.

There are no homes. No girls. No money. Shit weather*

Being here is really really stupid. Now being here is really really pointless and stupid.

Trying to make the stupid not be stupid is stupid I don’t know why I bother.

There are a lot who could have sold thier family house moved back home and lived like kings. It’s better to be first rate in the 3rd world then 3rd rate in the first. That shit is gone now. Told you so…

*We have got sun now. That may be because a lot have already left. Less cars. Less smog. More sun. We did not even need a school break to get it. Or it might just be due to lots staying inside to watch the football…Yes migrants do fuck up the weather and cause most of polution they are pushing thier kids around the city in.

Become German through voluntary work


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