What has happened to the US?

The US was once British (WASP)

us ancestry map

Then the US turned German (1950-2010)

This is when they got all lets blow up everyone and tell them what to do.

Now the US is Spanish (Mexico)

Then the Germans and the British team up against the Spanish and elect Trump.

Then the US goes back to being German again.

This and everything is genetic. Yes everything is about Germany because we have had two world wars to stop it and it has changed the world more then anywhere ever will. We should have killed them all in the 40’s. The US should have taken over Mexico because instead of moving into it they would be trying to leave like Texas (Which was part of Mexico.)

Brexit killed Obama’s migration bill. Let be honest the only reason Europe has not moved to the US is because they can’t afford the airfare. Though US migration might only be up because of migrants leaving Europe because it is shit.

You want to outbred you should like Canada do it with China you know after they pass the entry IQ test.

If the EU lasts for two more years which I really doubt it will take a massive veer to the left because we won’t be stopping it and then die. Either way by 2020 the EU will be gone. We will be half way down the track as everyone else in leaving the starting gate.

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