Look around, Everyone here is from another country

Europe population

Europe population

From Hungary, France and Albania who cheerfully tended the cash registers. And the staff from Poland, Spain and Italy cleaning tables and preparing sandwiches for the lunch crowd. Who hailed from 10 nations across Europe.

“Look around, Everyone here is from another country.”

Step into nearly any London restaurant, hotel or retail shop and chances are that most people serving your meal, checking you in or ringing up your sale are not British. Peer inside a construction site, and a hive of nationalities is busy building. Even the British farm vegetables on your plate were probably harvested by European immigrants.

Greencore, Britain’s biggest sandwich maker, drew fire for seeking hundreds of Hungarian employees for a new sandwich factory in Northampton, an hour north of London.

Low wages that many E.U. workers seem willing to take much lower pay especially people fleeing struggling economies. Nearly 40 percent of the more than two million European workers in Britain hail from low-wage nations such as Poland and Romania. And since a debt crisis struck the European south, growing numbers of Italians, Greeks, Spanish and Portuguese have left for a chance at any employment in Britain.

Immigration and the EU referendum: the angry, frustrated voice of the British public


London actually has more reason to be anti EU then anywhere else.





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