Brexit round up

Anyone who is concerned about losing EU things British things will replace them and you will have a say in them.

“there is more than enough money to ensure that those who now get funding from the EU – including universities, scientists, family farmers, regional funds, cultural organizations and others – will continue to do so”.

The world is bigger than the little EU

85% of the world is not in the EU lets join them.

Despite growing much much larger in size. When it started the EU accounted for 36 per cent of the world economy. Last year, it was 17 per cent. Less them half what it was when it was much much smaller.

Don’t just save the UK from the EU save Europe for it.

The only thing the EU doesn’t pool is debt. Though there are no budget transfers.

Has there ever been a proper airing of how the elected leaders of Greece and Italy were forced out of power and replaced by EU technocrats, perhaps not by coups d’etat in a strict legal sense but certainly are.

Migrants delaying having babies because of fears over a Brexit / benefits

“Don’t put yourself on display. When you go out make sure you cover your watches, rings, earrings and jewels or take them off when you step outside.

“Dress down when you aren’t going to a special occasion — just so they aren’t on show for all to see.”

Generation rent: young, married, pregnant and stuck in a house share. Milestones such as getting married, having children, pursuing career changes or business opportunities are all being delayed or abandoned.

Cost of renting one-bed property soars in UK

Nearly one in six workers in England and Wales in insecure work

Spain’s public debt surpasses 100% in 20-year high

Spain goes to the polls on June 26 for the second time in six months after bickering parties failed to reach an agreement on a coalition government following inconclusive polls in December.

Most migrants don’t want to be here

More than half of young Europeans aged 16-30 feel marginalised in their own country due to the economic crisis, but few want to move abroad because of it, finds the latest Eurobarometer poll, commissioned by the European Parliament.

This Eurobarometer survey, for which 10,294 Europeans aged 16-30 were interviewed in the 28 EU member states between 9 and 25 April 2016, found marked differences among countries on most of the issues addressed.

Feeling excluded due to the crisis

An absolute majority of respondents in 20 countries feel excluded. Unsurprisingly, the rates are very high in countries worst affected by the crisis. However, in the EU as a whole, few young people (15%) really feel compelled to leave their country because of the crisis; here too, national results are very disparate.

Young Europeans disinclined to go abroad to study or find work

61% of young people in the EU do not want to study, train or work in another EU country, while 32% would like to do so. In fact, across the EU as a whole, 88% of people aged 16 to 30 have never travelled to another EU country to study or work.

Last year the EU had more migration then the US has in the last ten years.

US vs EU migrants

Sweden, where immigrants were already a substantive 16.8 percent of the population in 2015, saw the biggest rise—its share of immigrants rose to 18.3 percent in 2016. Austria and Norway were the other two other countries with high immigrant populations (at least 15 percent in 2016) that saw roughly a 1 percentage point rise from the year before.

And Germany, which has opened its doors to the largest number of migrants, saw 0.7 percent point rise, which is “a substantial but significantly smaller increase than in other European countries,”

Fun facts

Documented migrants take 15% of the jobs.

Between a third and half of all granted refugee status in the EU have moved to the UK.

The UK welfare budget is 50% bigger then the entire EU budget.

There are more collecting benefits then there are in this country.

Boat Migrants are intentionally sinking the boats.

Boats don’t just fucking tip over they run from side to side until it flips. They do this so they need to be rescued.

2/3 of children are migrants. One in five children referred to social services. More than 150,000 pre-school children born in a single year have been reported to social services over fears of abuse or neglect, an investigation has found. There is a “climate of fear” for midwives, nursery workers, health visitors and the public, who refer their concerns to the authorities. (More not reported)

About a fifth of all cars produced in Germany last year, or around 820,000 vehicles, were exported to the UK, making it the single biggest destination by volume. (They need us more then we need them.)

The only reason migrants are here is because they are cheaper then machines which will replace them.

The EU started as the European Coal and Steel Community. The North has long known about what it did to coal and now it knows what it did to steal.

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