Sovereignty day flotilla upon Thames

The fishing for leave brexit flotilla was not a celebration or a party but a full throttled protest. We want our waters back! BUT on sovereignty day every year hard working people will take to Thames to spray water on the EU champagne socialists sneering at them from their pleasure crafts.


After two days of squally rain sunshine greeted the fishing for leave brexit campaigners as the battle for Britain’s future played out on the Thames. The boats are in the moat. 40 boats set off for London in a pro-Brexit demonstration. The flotilla travelled up the Thames, through Tower Bridge and moored in the Pool of London. Twelve boats were permitted by the Port of London authority to continue up from the Pool to Westminster.

It’s not just the country we have to take back we are also fighting for the sovereignty of our sea. The fishing industry is being drowned like most of the country by EU policy.


EU’s fishing policy — which allows, for example, Spanish fishermen to fish in British waters — has caused the loss of tens of thousands of British jobs, decimated a once-thriving industry and led to harbors up and down the British Isles without a single commercial fishing vessel.

“It’s like the French having to share their Champagne rights or Greek’s their olive oil.”


This has led to a 60% drop in oversized landings and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in our industry. There are now many harbours without a single commercial vessel, not satisfied with that the EU is now regulating our recreational sea anglers. Under and EU regulation issued in December no Anglers may take a single bass for tea.This is now leading to a loss of jobs in our charter angling fleet.

Compare and contrast all of this with Norway who control all fishing stocks up to two hundred miles within the North Sea and has a booming commercial and angling tourism industry. EU membership has destroyed our industry.


“In 1972, 80 percent of the fish caught in British waters was caught by British boats. In 2016, 16 or 17 percent of the fish caught in British waters was caught by British boats, and half of those are foreign-owned,” said John Buchan, who has fished in the North Sea for more than four decades.

“Why should we stay? Europe is killing our industry.”

In what the Guardian has dubbed remains Ed stone moment the remain camp sank to new lows in the battle of the Thames.

[There were children on a lot of these inflatables darting around not following sea rules and if it had not been for the expertise of the fishermen handling their vessels a child could quite easily have drowned or had a serious accident.]

kids not safe what is wrong with people

People who missed days of work and had departed from off Ramsgate at 3am and off Southend at 6am, passing through Gravesend en route to Tower Bridge to take a stand. Were greeted with a rent-a-mob in pleasure crafts shiting all over their moment.

2Open sea march

Peterhead is Europe’s busiest fishing market and arguably the last major fishing port in Britain. A population of just under 20,000 is largely reliant on the fruits of the North Sea, as the fish processing factories ringed around the town attest.


Early on a weekday morning Peterhead fish market is in full swing. Buyers haggle over the price of heavy plastic crates filled with cod, monkfish, haddock, and a plethora of other varieties. Rows of crates stretch deep into the icy hall.

Opened around the turn of the millennium, the Peterhead fish market was built to handle around 5,500 boxes of fish daily. Over 7,000 landed the previous day. As the North Sea oil and gas industry has struggled, fishing has steadily picked up in recent years.

“This is a significant port. We support 9,500 jobs in fishing and oil and gas. Peterhead port contributes £0.8 billion per annum gross value added to the Scottish economy. We need to protect and grow that,”

Skippers from ports such as Lerwick and Inverness to the north, Whitby and North Shields in the north-east of England, Folkestone and Rye in the south-east, and Southampton, Brixham and Penzance to the west, up to Fleetwood in Lancashire, and across to Newry and Coleraine in Northern Ireland, have signed up to the Scottish-led Fishing for Leave campaign. Though there are now many harbours without a single commercial vessel.

EU sold

Successive Common Fisheries Policies — which effectively share sovereignty for fishing waters between all EU member countries — have failed to arrest the decline of the industry. In 1975, when the U.K. joined the EU, some 450 boats fished out of Peterhead’s harbor. Now that figure hovers around 100. Much of the North Sea is fished by Spanish and French crews.sovereignty

As with many things if we left the EU and we get our own seat on the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission. Have our own say.


“Norway has a seat at the [commission] table, Iceland has a seat at the table [and] the Faroes has a seat at the table,” Eustice said. “But extraordinarily, the U.K., the country with the greatest interest in the North Sea, is denied a seat because we are a member of the EU. Instead, our technical experts and diplomats are reduced to whispering in the ear of an EU negotiator and hoping they don’t mess it up.”

“He doesn’t know me. I have never met him. My thinking is he needs to know how my boat works, and how I fish, before he negotiates,” he said.

“Our guys can whisper in this guy’s ear, but the Dutch guy is also whispering in his ear and the Spanish guy is whispering in his ear. How can we keep all these people happy?”


Mr Farage said: “We used to protest against the establishment and now the establishment protests against us. We must be getting something right.”

He added: “The Common Fisheries Policy works on the principle of equal access to the common resource. What that means is that we have to share the fish in our waters with the rest of the European Union.

“These industries, these communities have been devastated now for decades and they have come here today to be heard.”

I would like to go on about how this means more to me then just Brexit. But I can’t because people are evil so I digress.

It’s 2016 and rival flotillas are facing off on the Thames in a battle for Europe


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