This is our only chance to leave

you erased the countryNazi crushThe end

The only other way is when the EU falls. Which is not going to be pretty.

I don’t really know when it is too late. If remain it’s been too late for a while. By the time the EU falls and the changes to Europe that happen around that it will be too far far too late. It’s taken 5-10 years to fuck up this country it will take 30 to fix it if we leave now. Down the road we will pass the point of no return maybe we already have. If you have not already done so you should probably abandon ship.

The cities have fallen. The towns will be next. You can hold up in your village and inbred until you are all fucked up.

When this place becomes a bad place to raise children there is no point in anything. If you have some kind of life plan hoping things will get better they will get worse. Do you really want your children to be shit? What are you working for?

Lots of people who get up really early in the AM. From home to the station onto the crowded cattle train. Then from the station to work. After 5pm as long as nothing goes wrong you can get home just in time to eat dinner. 2 hours of trash TV and bed. You probably crash all weekend because well you spend an entire day commuting every week. So you are doing all this to sleep. How many of you don’t see your children but when you are tired on the weekend.

Bad train man

Girl, 6, writes heart-rending letter to rail network which is ‘stopping daddy from tucking her in at night’

”Professional couples who strived in their twenties and thirties to build their careers, buy a family home, and get their children into good schools may start to wonder whether it was all worth it.”

Housing has become completely detached from wages. The housing ladder is gone. The normal life structure in this country is null in void.

London has gotten progressively worse every year. It not just the new arrivals the always lived here get worse with the changes.

There are 4 BILLION potential migrants that may move here. There are families that give their children English names so they can be sent off here to work as a slaves and send money home. That has become part of the 3rd world life plan now.

If a permanent feature of your civilization is that a large fraction of the population must leave their communities, families, etc. in order to have a chance at the basics of life, a family, home, some measure of security, it is evidence that YOUR CIVILIZATION DOESNT WORK!

Moving around will only make there, here and you worse.

In the US migrants are at 1 in 6 here 1 in 4 in 20 years just from old people dying we will be at 3/4 here and 2/3 US. The US has chosen to do something about it before it is too late. Even though migrants in the US are of much better quality then here as they can afford plane tickets.

When the migrants take the jobs of locals the chavs and yobs get worse.


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