Romanian migrant impact on London

According to the government stats ”50,000” Romanian’s can change London entirely in about 6 months. They drove up the cost of rent and homes by 20%. They purged several countries that where once everywhere. They fucked up the long standing residents and their children.

Right now we are in the mist of term break. Left in London are the only ones who live here. Shitty council children and shitty collage students who can’t afford to go home during break. At lot of what I thought were workers are also missing. This has never been like this before not even in the dead of winter on Christmas break. Most breaks also usually have a spike in visitors that’s not happened. Even though France is flooding and on full strike. London is not usually this empty in the dead of winter in the pouring rain on a bank holiday.

London has had years of 3rd world migration. There were still some young English people here and there. They still lived with their parents now either their family or themselves has moved out of London. There were some who stuck around until the kids finished the last 1 or 2 years of school. Even Obama has done that in DC.

Then the Romanians arrived

The brothels all closed. The girls everywhere disappeared. The London families seeing an opening started selling their teenage daughters. Why they did not move out of London I don’t know. Perhaps an inbred thing there is no other reason for it.

The girls went from just poor to trashy whores. Though the money has gotten them better clothes.

Even the London expensive private school children from outside have gone to shit. Do you know what your child is up to?

Things that were open to the public are now not. All the night clubs and pubs are closing. Stores in central London can’t stay open not with hundreds of thousands of residents, office workers and tourist. Oxford street and regent street are packed with shit none of them have shopping bags there are more employees in stores then customers.

What has happened?

Some things are a chain.

Romanians took most of the more decent migrants jobs. Romanians created super slums that then could cater to more illegals. This drove up buy-to-let to migrants further pricing out even now the dirt poor. Romanian hookers took all the hookering. Swedish ones still show up in the summer. So the less less normal became less less less normal and that ripples around.

Everyone is upset all the time. I won’t go out if I’m irritated because I don’t want to shout at a migrant. You need a certain level of patience to tolerate London. Sometimes that irritation turns into more irritation from not being able to do stuff. Yes migrants people hate you because you actually do impact our lives. I know you don’t care.

It’s not safe to go out a night. My neighbors started talking to me.

Paris which is much worse then London apparently had the same thing happen. Eastern Europeans created a bunch of slums and then Africa moved in. There are a lot of migrants from Africa who left Paris, France because of crime. Yes Paris is so shit African black flight is a thing. Moving to nicer area is not racist. Migrants could not hack it in the 3rd world that is why they are here. London is like a dust bin of 3rd world rejects. Anyone with any semblance of a normal life would not leave. Being the child of one of these migrants is worse. Any normal person would hate London.

There are a lot of countries that now no longer migrate to London. Why 3rd world migrants and 2nd world shit know not to come here yet collage students who speak English don’t I don’t know. The rent? Money not there? No secure jobs? London migrant life now too shit even for dirt poor?

Most migrants are brought here by an agency or group. Maybe those groups have now changed. I think a lot of migrants have left London for the US, Canada and Australia just like the Brits they pushed out there in the first place.

Migrants hate gentrification because essentially they have been gentrified out of their shit countries. They move here only to be gentrified out of another area. Migrants hate rich people because they think that takes money from their family or tribe truth is it’s where the money comes from. China killed its middle classes in the cultural revolution. Now look at what life is like there.

Hell when the ”first” Romanian who arrived here doesn’t want to live here you should know you are doing something wrong. Even he had to move to Essex and bring in his own whore this in less then a year. I bet he made more money from interviews then anything else.

NYC is full of foreigners but not freaks like London. In NYC rich Europeans are referred to as Euro Trash by well the kids of people who went over there from Europe a generation ago their parents.

I’ve never seen a teenager let alone a child or baby in NYC (Some collage students). In London kids are everywhere London is much less safe and the pollution is worse. It’s a much worse place possibly the worst place to have a child. I really do think forcing a kid to be in London should be a crime.

You’d think migrants would be on their best behavior around the referendum vote. Many are not smart enough for that.

I don’t really want to know/see what will happen to London if Turkey is allowed into the EU.


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