No packed ferry for us! Boat migrants commute in £20million helicopter (and YOU pay the bill)

– Boat migrants flew from the channel to Dover
– Took helicopter from water to land
– The 45-minute journey in £20million helicopter cost taxpayer £30,000


45 minutes by chopper – Or 3 hours by ferry?

Helicopter – 100 miles in 45 min at 178mph – £30,000

Ferry – 3 hours at 10 knots – Tenner

Train – 1 hour at 100mph – £100

Easy Jet / Ryan Air – 30 min – Tenner

Boat – 2 hours at 10 knots – Nicked

Lorry – 3 hours – Tenner

Swim – 5 hours at 1 knot – Free

Walk – That one dude made it and he got to stay.

This £20million vehicle doesn’t come cheap. £3,000 to per hour. Plus there is the cost of fuel and pilots.

By contrast, the Queen regularly joins ordinary travelers by catching the ferry when she crosses the channel.

A member of the privy Council and former cabinet minister, Said: ”This is an outrageous waste of public money. At a time when everybody else is tightening their belts, it seems boat migrants are loosening theirs and the public are having to pick up the bill.”


*The prices, times and speeds are clearly made up.


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