Sweden suicide by inbreeding


London is full of Blonde girls Swedish hookers. I once though this was due to some crack down on hookers in Sweden.

Apparently the problem in Sweden is that it is so inbred everyone is gay. Also so inbred that all the women are whores. I always though the prevalence of this in 3rd world countries was for money. Now I just think it’s all just and inbred whore thing.

With out any outbreeding it takes 4 generations to reach full inbred.

We seem to have the same problem here



No inbreding

I’ve not interviewed any but lesbians but they seem to like having something real inside them. They may also want to have babies. But as they don’t want a relationship with men they whore. Most just whore girls have usually been with a girl at some point but it’s not a full time thing.

London is a very stupid place to be a hooker. Anyone who is here is 3rd world and poor plus the high rent. You would make more money in a 3rd world country and probably be more safe. Though that is further to travel. Compared to Sweden London is a dirty piece of shit. Why would someone from one of the happiest countries in the world with one of the most generous benefits systems come to London to sell themselves?

Whores want to be whores from the start. Not sure if that is animalistic or due to a relative raping them.


Maybe this is also why there has been so much migration into Sweden. Do they like same level inbreds? Or is this some kind of intentional suicide of a entire country.

They did not even seem to care about this.


Someone who has traveled to Sweden told me its all immigrants. Worse then London.

If Sweden is an example:

Migrants arrive en mass

Decent people leave

Girls leave

Shit stays breeds more shit shit. The shit leave. The shit shit remain. The End.

At some point just like London it’s all guys. Then no babies. The country stopped being itself at stage 2 the country ends at stage 4. It was not very nice at stage 1.

I don’t really know how inbred Spanish Venezuela is but they can’t make anything work with money pouring out of the ground. At 30 million they really should not be that inbred. But then again Italy is 60 million I think that has more to do Catholicism which is probably the dominate religion in South America. We changed to the Church of England.

North America, US is Germany + UK. Canada is France + UK. South America, Brazil is Portugal everything else is Spain. North America is much better then south. The issue then becomes area and religion based off breed level when they all left Europe.

The place all the decent people move to is going to become the best. Everything else is going to end. Then what? Same thing will happen there.


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