Reuters declares the EU party over

Asks what happens now?

Well we don’t have to go home but we can’t stay here.

Bigger question should be is going to clean up the mess?

Less dramatic headline then ”The End of Europe”

Reuters: Declares End of Europe

Much improved story.

German Chancellor Merkel looks away during a statement to the media following talks with Lithuania's President Grybauskaite at the Chancellery in Berlin

The picture what I can only assume is the Germany Nazi version of frowny face.

It even starts with Germany.

It was going to be a great party everyone was invited. Though some got rain checks after the RSVP. Migrants just showed up scared all the women away trashed the place and stole shit and said everyone was racist when people tried to stop them.

”Promise seems to have evaporated.

In Western Europe, perceptions of freeloading foreigners and an unaccountable EU leadership are fueling nationalist tendencies.

The rise of far-right parties in France and Germany, which both hold general elections next year, stems from a similar unhappiness with the status quo. Hard-line nationalists already hold ministerial posts in Finland and Norway, and Austria just came close to electing its first far-right president since World War Two.

The disappointment is mutual among the newer eastern EU members. They signed up for a white, Christian Europe — and got a meddling, multicultural bureaucracy instead.”

Then there is some talk of Germany expansion, Eastern Europe, Hitler and WWII. (But in the wrong context)

European Union appears as kaput from within as from the outside.

Ukrainians, the first Europeans to die holding the EU flag, are stuck at the very back of the line. (Blood on EU’s hands)

Mention of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan bending over Europe.

Europe looks to be over. Liberal democracy — even in England, its home — looks weak and flabby. German hubris carries a good deal of the blame.

The political class of post-reunification Germany pursued European integration with a curious mix of economic imperialism, cultural arrogance and heartfelt contrition for Nazi crimes against Eastern Europe. This {kinder, gentler} Germany has lost none of its ambition. But rather than dominate Europe through military might, it invoked the laws of the market and democratic bona fides earned over two generations.

On the refugee crisis

Eastern Europeans were almost unanimous in rejecting the newcomers. But there were plenty of people in Denmark, Germany and France who felt the same.

Merkel’s calls for “European solidarity” in sheltering refugees largely fell on deaf ears, however. After all, Germany hadn’t shown the same solidarity a few months earlier, when Italy and Greece were overwhelmed by thousands of migrants arriving on their shores. Rules about returning asylum seekers to “safe third countries” were designed to keep them out of wealthy Northern European states.

The European Union’s autopilot works when there are clear skies. In times of turbulence — Greek debt, Russian aggression, refugee treks — Europe needs a captain.

We have a president not that this article mentions him at all. Though it does mention Germany. (Not a complaint the EU is irrelevant)

Merkel unilateral decision to give Turkey 6 billion of the EU’s money to stop the migrants she invited and turn a blind eye to their methods. While giving 80 million (More then was going here) the right. Though France and Germany have started an opt out but the rest of the EU…

Another complaint about the EU not doing anything. Not that it has been mentioned. Explaining why German ”needs” to control everything.

Europe’s problem today is that it has no visionaries who know where the continent should be heading.

I can answer this

More Europe. More this. More that. More everything. No plan just more.

When it should be Better Europe.

Merkel, the European Union’s default leader, inspires few.


Seriously in US context this would be like talking about Mike Bloomberg and NYC with no mention of Obama, congress or the house. (Not a complaint)

America has it’s own problems. Though unlike here their people want to fix them. It want’s the EU to stay together so that the US can control it better. Hell Europe did not want to sanction Russia the US made them do it. (How fucking sad is that)

If I was the media. I’d never use names just position titles. The President not Obama. The Chancellor not Merkel. The PM Not Cameron. I don’t like scapegoating people for the government.


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