How I think the referendum will go

I think it’s going to be a landslide leave.

Englands out

Whales is out

Scottland wants another referendum this generation (You will only get one if you vote to)

London wants EU migrants to fuck off so their children can get jobs more pay and lower rent. Then their children can move the fuck out of their council flat and stop stabbing each other. In worst case a shorter list and wait for a council flat with the EU lot gone. They don’t want their government programs / benifts to die due to overloading. I’d say polution will go down and stop killing your kids but you don’t care about that. You are cleansed out of London by Romanians and illegal migrants there are no rich people here. At what point does London become worse then the place you left? Then what will you do? Most of you want to fuck up London and the country but you don’t want to fuck up your family or your tribe.

Keeps going the way it is now the houses will all fall down if they don’t kill you first.

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