Diversity causes Lunch alone

Pressing escape key





There is no happy identity in a multi cultural society.


Though I wonder how many people force a group lunch for safety reasons?

The problem with diversity

Among other things, atomized individuals and families are easier for the “powers that be” to manipulate and control.

There was a study done on a public housing block in France.

Diversity accounts for the inability of residents to sanction others for vandalism and to act collectively to demand proper building maintenance.(Avoidance becomes optimal.) However, it also lowers opportunities for violent confrontations, which are not related to diversity. (Resolved by more policing.)

Getting Koreans, Eastern Europeans, Russians, South Americans, Nigerians, and Assyrians to agree on how to landscape a park is not impossible.

For example, Russian women like to sunbathe. But South American women want to stay in the shade, since their culture discriminates in favor of fairer-skinned women. So do you plant a lot of shade trees or not?


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