The First Stone

We are the EU’s second-largest economy (Germany has more people, control and land) We have a powerful military that exerts outsize influence in global affairs. The only reason there is no war in Europe is because we took the weapons away from Germany in WWII. Now they use the money they stole and migrants to continue to fuck up Europe. If they make an army out of the EU they/it will go to war with Russia. If Russia really wanted to fuck up Europe just for the sake of it they would cut off the power/gas. History repeats itself most people alive today lived in WWII. America rose to power because Germany bombed the fuck out of Europe. The decent people all moved there and with no competition from Europe they rose.

We and only we can throw the first stone. There are several others behind us who are too small and weak to leave. We are not.

EU wants refLeave EU

This makes very clear where is interested in Leaving

The Swiss have been in the queue for the last two years.

If EU migrants can’t come here they will just go some place else they are really not that fussy it’s all about money. Most of these lot have been sent here by their parents because they want a gain rather then a burden. They don’t want to be here. Sure London has lots of jobs that is only because no one actually lives here migrants come work for a bit and go home.

There are 3 leaders of Europe. The main one is Germany mostly because the UK has no desire to control/ruin Europe. France is Germany’s bitch. Though even they have stepped back of late.

Someone once told me the EU will only end when Germans want it to end. A great deal of them now do. But in Europe democracy and what people want is often not taken into account. French elections are rigged so that only two parties can win. But to a lesser extent same goes for here and the US. The people who make the rules make them to stay in power. Though Europe is much more willing to vote third party.

The EU has decimated the PIGS. Germany will take them over soon. Going to plan.

We can leave the EU now in our semi submerged state. Peacefully. In a manner under this countries control. Or some other shit is going to go down. One way or another we are leaving. The easy way is the best way.

Generally, if you know a ship is sinking, it’s much better to leave as soon as you can rather than waiting around.

There is a very good case for being the first shareholder to leave a failing corporation, particularly when that corporation has the ability to call for additional mandatory capital contributions.

The EU is not more important than the citizens and sacrificing the citizens is not acceptable. The only question is do the citizens understand this???

He who defects first, defects best.


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