Inbred conformity is for acceptance/approval

monkey see monkey do

Copying is, I believe, evolutionarily engrained, especially clear in children as a part of learning. They mimic everything. So, for example, do not smoke around children, do not treat people like garbage around children, etc. But I think as you get beyond the period of development where you’ve mastered the basics of language, how to navigate basic cultural stuff, etc., there is development of the individual and I think basically everyone has a strong desire to demonstrate their individuality (at least to a degree) in addition to wanting to fit in (at least to a degree).

The point of multi culturism is segriagetion. This way migrants never develop standards and continue to live like peasants and work for peanuts. Cheap labour is maintained.Efforts to force too much diversity, and tolerance on an unprepared and unwilling population. The harder you push against human nature, the harder it eventually pushes back. There are no happy identity in a multi cultural society.

Remember: half the (Non migrant) population has below average IQ.

Anti-intellectualism and glorified stupidity

So, I’ve noticed a trend recently.Through some observation, I have seen that our society is glorifying stupidity. This is evident in conversations I have with people. It also seems to me that people make fun of and ostracize those who are knowledgeable or intelligent. I feel that glorification of stupidity hurts the younger generation due to their impressionability and may lead us to a future where people choose to be less intelligent, even if they can be smart because that is what the society accepts and cherishes.

They mob people who dare to dissent, they suppress speech they don’t want to hear, and they slavishly adore an idiot god-king. If anything, these findings about conformism explain modern lefties all too well.

There is an innate desire of humans to conform (to a degree) If conformism is so deeply built into us does it mean that we should shape our societies in such a way that people can satisfy their need to conform? Or will that just happen? Then you get the anti conformist conformist. I can’t or have failed to conform to normal. So I’m going to conform with this strange group that will take anyone.

In the environment of evolutionary adaptedness (EEA) an individual could not survive outside the group of their birth and so conformity was a matter of life and death. Conform or be cast out. Conformity to arbitrary convention was not in fact arbitrary but signalled affiliation. Conformity banded groups together.

Enforce arbitrary conventions and rituals:

Children are much more concerned than are other great apes to copy the exact actions of others, including arbitrary gestures, conventions and rituals. Indeed, this tendency is so strong when children do not see a clear goal to an action, they imitate even more precisely than if they do see a goal…

Young children are so concerned with conformity that they will even enforce it on others, even when they themselves are not affected and the action involved is merely an arbitrary convention. For example, if children learn that on this table we play the game this way and on that table we play it another way, if a puppet then plays the game the wrong way on the wrong table, they intervene and stop him. Interestingly, when actors violate conventional norms, 3-year-olds admonish them more often if they are in-group rather than out-group members, presumably because in-group members should know better and be more committed to how “we” do it.

The enforcement of conformity is so important for young children that 5-year-olds have more positive feelings toward a norm enforcer (even though he is acting aggressively) than they do toward someone who simply lets a norm violation go (even though he is behaving in a neutral manner

People really do want to be accepted/approved by a tribe: in ancient times, rejection could mean death. There is acceptance/approval in the context of politics, but it’s even stronger in the context of religion. The threat of being rejected by God for having a “false” belief. Where one is either in or out, a true believer or not, with no room for compromise. The threat of rejection may be strong in politics, but it’s nothing compared to the threat of rejection in religion, where eternity rides in the balance. Politics and religion: they are like peanut butter and jelly. They have to maintain the ideological purity of the tribe. This is not done explicitly, but through social shaming.

In times past, heretics might be excluded if not stoned (the ancient practice among Jews) or burned to death; today, being stoned or burned to death for failure to believe a particular orthodoxy isn’t practiced in the Jewish or Christian religion, although it is among certain other religions, where the price for non-conformity is indeed high.

I don’t need anyones acceptance/approval so I generally do what ever the fuck I want. Other people are slaves to well other people. Some will grow out of it some will not. Conformity among adults my suspicion is that a lot of people don’t ever lose their innate desires to conform to certain group norms and forcing others to do so as well; they just get more sophisticated about it as they get older, cloaking their desires in noble-sounding rhetoric about “offenses against the will of God” or “undermining the revolution,” etc.

I’ve always though politics was passed down by parental teaching no not at all it’s genetic as is everything else.

*There is some forced conformity from the government.

**You can interchange inbred with children


One thought on “Inbred conformity is for acceptance/approval

  1. After a while in London, I have come to believe that even entrepreneurship, here, is nothing but conformity.
    Pretty bad. But I will take the red pill.
    It will take a miracle for the next Facebook or Google to come out of London, any time soon. But it does not seem to matter to these people, they hardly seem interested in any success beyond their circle of conformity.

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