Staple items are a sacred cow

Sacred Cow

Staple items should always be local only

Some things should not boom and bust. Housing being the biggest.


Meat / Milk / Wheat / Potatoes / Rice / Corn / Soy / Alcohol (Beer/vodka/wine)


Wool [sheep] (Dries fast / last long / warm)

Cotton [plants]

Leather (Lasts long / easy clean) Water proof [Cows]


Steal / Brick / Concrete / Glass / Insulation / Wood

Power / Coal / oil / bio

Windows / doors / pipes / roof / PVC

You buy rice in India the price goes up everywhere India can’t afford rice at some point rice is the same cost as place they purchased it.

I do realize that in some places these things can’t be made. Only if there is no other replacement substitute should an outside product be used the closer to home the better.

Needing to reshape swathes of your country and economy because Saudi Arabia wants to go on a price war with Iran. Or because China doesn’t want to close it’s steel factories because it costs more then keeping them open. (Though some have reopened recently) Neither off these things are long term but the consequences for anyone outside will be.

Oil should not be a ”stock”. How much better off would the world be had oil never shot up to over $100 a barrel? Would the Great recession have been as bad? Would the last decade not have been lost?

Also:Centralization was for Trains not cars! Stop it!!!!1




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