The middle class is not shrinking the population is


There are less people.

Generations by population

Baby Boomers 80 million Aged 49-63
Gen X 46 million Aged 28-48 + Migrants 60 million
Millennials 80 million Aged 14- 27

Baby boomers are heading into retirement. They wont be paying taxes any more. They will be collecting government benefits.

Generation X far to small to support an economy the same size the baby boomers. Or for them to pay the same tax level. Also odd the there are some many unemployed as there are so mush less  people in the work force. So the government is spending to make up for the small size. Recession and depression are defined by GDP (Please stop this)

Millennials yes the ones who have the numbers to pay for it all. And they will. Once the economy has recovered they will have to pay for everything. Sorta why I thing that ran obama they wanted the young people to do it to themselves. Obama is the youngest president ever.

Migrants they added 60 million of them to boost Gen X. Sure migrants are not worth as much as locals maybe that is why there is so many of them. My working theory is 12 migrants = 1 local

As the millennials come in they will now have to compete with the migrants and themselves. The economy will have to adjust.

Migrants are forcing people to have less children (Not good) While they are having far more children. Our shit children will turn into ”migrants”.

Those 60 million migrants are not going to go away. More of them are going to come.

In 20 years the economy is going to have to sustain 200 million people up from the 100 million now. This is going to reek havoc on house prices, wages and the economy in general.

The government of course knows all this. I hope they have some kind of plan. The government knows everything from when you pay your taxes.

This is the most important issue of our time.

We also seem to be fucking the youth up like they don’t have it bad enough already.

There is not real fix other then to stop using GDP as a form of measure.

The more you continue to see people as stats the more shit things will get.


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