Why is the UK the best in Europe?


We started as the Anglo (English) Then the Saxons (Germany) came over. We became the Anglo-Saxons. The German part is why we made and Empire. The Anglo part is why it worked. Then the Normans (France) came over. We are the only place in Europe that is a combination of three (Better European) areas. Thus we are the most outbred.

Why the fuck we are now ruining the only fucking thing we have going for us is well beyond me.

We are at the point now were everyone is descending into inbreeding. Now with out accelerating this process we would remain the most outbred as the other are at a more inbred level and descending faster.

The world is basically all just land (Dirt) and the places with the shities least valuable dirt are actually the best. This is because rather then sit around and make money from our dirt we had to think of ways to make money so we became smarter.

Fuck breeding obedient slaves. That’s going to last all of one Generation. It’s not going to go to plan. After our youth rotating young migrants (20-25) in and out is the best way to go. We could get rid of all the disobedient ones tomorrow if we really wanted to. Children in London are worse then the 3rd world. Outside they are probably rejected by the other kids. There is no better life go into denial all you want.

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