What can you get for the cost of Crossrail?

How many homes can you build?

14 Buckingham Palaces

crossrail 14 palaces


2 Tames Eastury airports

two Tames Eastury airports


4 years worth of tax credits for migrants

All Housing Benefit for over a year

All Child Benefit for two years


All Primary Healthcare (Prescriptions / GP / Dental / Pharmacy) for a year


15 Burj Khalifas

Crossrail cost building


Boat migrants?

Pay the direct cost for all the recorded migrants who have moved to Germany last year (Not including the 6 billion given to Turkey to take some back and try to stop more)


The EU?

Pay our direct monetary price of EU membership for one year.


Pay for the operation of our government for two years


Pay for the entire national transport budget for two years

As far as I can tell the only purpose of Crossrail is to keep the commuters away from the London migrants. Sure migrants pay more in rent then the countries they came from are worth. I don’t really see what we get from that.

In line behind this we have:

black 10023420_1_x

HS2 which is double everything above. Not sure why we need this either seems more of a decentralization problem.

Then the only think I think we should be building.

Hinkley Point Nuclear power plant in Somerset south-west England that will be the most expensive object on earth. £18bn ($26bn)

I know we can’t really do anything with 14 Buckingham Palaces or 15 Burj Khalifas. The US spent more money bailing out a morgage crisis then the cost of all the homes in America. It’s stupid as fuck but if you gave everyone a home they would stop working and everything would really go to shit.

If you want to push up GDP take less tax from people and let them spend it everywhere but not enough for a vacation.



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