A study in inbreeding

If you ever wonder why society always seems like it is getting worse is because people are getting more inbreed. The outbred can’t do much because they are scared of the inbred for good reason. Nature makes the inbred assholes and bitches so that people will not want to breed with them. This is why nature has made the inbred get pleasure out of bothering people. The inbred don’t have feelings but they are driven by nature to be shit. The next step if they do inbred together will be physical deformity. The Inbred are only happy in family they don’t understand humans.

tyrion slaps Joffrey

One if not the biggest factor in inbreeding is mountians blocking travel over the long course of history. If you know what a mountian looks like congratulations your an ingrate.

Europe MountiansUS Mountians

Inbreeds are most likely to migrate as their inbred countries are shit. They are also the least likely to assimilate. They are also probably more likely to hate not living with family hence segregation. All this on top of all the ordinary difficulties of moving countries. Outbred countries are the most successful. Thus all the inbred migrants move there. Everyone one then segregates and gets more inbred.

Inbreed level

Rather what should be happening is mixing the lower level inbred groups letting them evolve and then mixing up in layers. Anything else is sever down breeding and more inbreeding.

Canada and America as a whole (Some areas not so much) are the least inbreed as they are combination of Europeans.


The reason Europe keeps allowing German to take it over is inbreeding.

Fourth Reich

It is this reason that Europe was plunged into a Dark Age after the arrival of the German barbarians. It’s not just that the barbarians were uneducated and uncivilized; they were in essence uncivilized, at least not for several generations. It was not until enough of the people had evolved new traits did society again begin to advance towards the end of the Middle Ages.

Western Europeans, exempting the periphery in Celtic Britain, southern Iberia and southern Italy, married late, and both spouses tended to be closer in age. This phenomenon clearly continues in the West today, and demonstrates the importance of Westerners needing to establish themselves economically before settling down with
marriage and children. Extensive out breeding, and each person needed to make it on their own abilities, and where the voice of every man was important, did the attitudes and beliefs that were the founding principles our modern society emerge.

inbred piigs

Portugal and Spain Muslim Caliphate


The PIIGS., Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain, are all areas outside the Hajnal line in whole or in part, all have lower-than-average IQ, all have had a recent history of inbreeding, and all today suffer from massive unemployment and economic malaise.


The differences between the English on one hand and the French or the Spanish on the other, in terms of attitudes towards work and success for example, can be traced
to their system of inheritance. Pulling-oneself-up-by-one’s-bootstraps was somewhat less important in the latter countries, and today they embrace a much more socialist way of thinking with respect to the Anglophone world. The country that gave us modern democracy, modern capitalism, and the Industrial Revolution, England, had embraced the modern nuclear family early on.

Traditional families of Europe

Collectivist inbred society

Family -> Tribe -> Country

Inbreed collectivism

Perhaps the conformism in Sweden is the results of everyone being more or less related rather than small groups being highly related? It’s much more difficult to impossible in an non inbred society (since it’s hard to get unrelated people to cooperate).

Someone described to me how they have a coordination group chat for students going to school before the year starts! They had already settled housing situation, shared
information and planned travel together. Simple things like seeing a friend in class and lingering around to walk out to the bus stop together is also something I observe doesn’t happen here. You can also see this in London with Eastern European builders. Grown men walking home together and always in large groups despite living in overcrowded homes.

I’ve always wondered why migrants in London act as slaves to their families this is due to inbreeding and them wanting for wealth to remain in the family. Tribes once
forced members to marry within the tribe so wealth to remain in the family/tribe. Tribe leaders would marry from other tribes to be smarter. Kin altruism (doing things that benefit the family, even at great cost to the self)

In inbred places the extended family remains the most important social unit, and violent completion between families (This is why Italy has Mafia family wars) in the
spirit in the Scottish and Irish clan feuds continue. This is the reason the Muslims tribes fight each other. They hate non family. Like self-sacrifice in war, or killing one’s own offspring to protect the family’s “honor” (and reproductive prospects), in the case of honor killing, pay off much more greatly evolutionary; hence, we have suicide terrorism coming almost exclusively from Muslim societies. People in these countries expect their transgressions to be met with violent retribution.
When it isn’t, they keep right on offending.

Individualist outbred society

Inbred IQ lines

The strong outbreeding of North western Europeans allowed the growth of “corporate” entities, something that is much more difficult to impossible in an inbred society. This allowed the development of large institutions, something that was largely absent in the rest of world. The preference for highly exogamous marriage was aided by the spread of the manor system in Western Europe.

Involvement in charitable or civic organizations is highest in the out bred West, and lowest in the inbred Muslim world and in ex-communist Eastern Europe. As well,
individualism is greatly suppressed in those areas, emphasizing the importance of family ties over one’s direct connection to society at large, as in the West. In clannish societies, one inclined to distrust one’s non-family neighbors—for good reason, since each is looking out for their own clan’s interests. This explains the inability of democracy to truly take hold in either the Muslim world or much of Eastern Europe, especially the former Soviet republics.

Early American settlers and each group’s influence on the regional culture of the United States. Broadly the northern part of the US was settled by colonists from
southeast England (the highly outbred part), with the Northeast U.S. settled by the Puritans and the upper Midwest ultimately settled by the Quakers. Meanwhile, the
Southern and Western U.S. were settled by colonists from Western and Northern Britain (the inbred, clannish part), with the US Deep South settled by Cavaliers and indentured servants from southwest England (who established the Southern plantations), and Appalachia, the lower Midwest, and ultimately the far West settled by the fierce (and highly clannish) Border Reivers and other Scotch-Irish.


The settlers in the American north, originating from the part of Britain that embraced the classic nuclear family, were the classic independent outbred liberal/libertarian capitalists. The settlers of the South on the other hand, are inbred and clannish, and in the case of the Scotch-Irish, traditionally herders. It can be seen that the great family feuds of the American South essentially were a continuation of such conflicts from the north of Britain.

Though these more inbred groups favor more conservative values, such as faith, distrust of central authority (that is, favoring “freedom” from central authority to remain loyal to extended kin), and less enthusiasm for the welfare state (which distributes goods from kin to non-kin).

If you ever wonder why America likes war and empire so much. German Americans at 50,764,352 it’s the largest ancestry group in the United States, accounting for 17% of US population.





Religion and inbreeding

If the church is local or really isolating in any way it will cause more inbreeding. Before the advent of the phone, the internet and TV the only way to make friends find a mate and network was at church if you wondered why church attendance is down now. These days the only ones who go to church are the sinners hoping to absolve themselves or broken people looking for something anything out of desperation.

Isolating religions that don’t allow you associate with people outside the church. Italy population and size wise should not be inbreed but it is this might have
something to do with the Catholic church.

Christian churches were the driving force in not allowing blood relatives to marry. They were also good source of control. First we tried monarchy and force people just wanted to kill the single person they blamed everything on. Then we tried the Church be good or go to hell religions started fighting each other. So we adopted democracy and figure head leaders to divide the people against each other and they will never concur it. Blame everything on the guy that is gone every few years never the people who are really in charge people who work life long positions inside the government.

The media and inbreeding

TV and movies have gone significantly down hill in the last decade. This maybe to cater to inbreeds stupidity at the same time causing it to descend further.

When I was growing up all the shows where about families.

Family ties / Family Matters / Who is the boss / I dream of Genie / I love Lucy / Alf

Then they started to get inbred

Brady Bunch / Tool time / Family Fued

Now they are pushing single life in a city and migration. (Dysfunction) This would be helpful if cities were not full of inbred migrants though that came after.

Friends / Seinfeld / Big bang theory / Two broke girls / How I met your mother

Most recently descending into lots of crime and drug shows and reality shit.

The media once thought us things and life lessons now it’s being used to make people shit.

Accents and inbreeding


The biggest remaining sign of inbreeding is accents. The more deviation from normal the worse the inbreeding slang being the worst. Unintelligible accents are designed unknowing by inbreeds so that none inbreeds can’t understand and are repelled by them at the same time bringing them closer to the inbreed family. At a larger extent this why countries have different languages. The more inbred the country the harsher the language. Romantic languages a tool of out breeding.

Bilingual people have a separate personality for each language. They also have to think more about what they say in other accents which causes more restraint. When
angry and shouting they will default back to their first language.

The most clear sign of inbreeding is calling people some form of family like brother or sister.

If you use the term bro or bruv you’re inbred as fuck.

An Essex school has banned TOWIE slang amid fears pupils could miss out on jobs to foreign rivals who have a superior command of the English language.The Ongar Academy has outlawed words such as “ain’t” and “emosh” as well as the incorrect usage of “like and literally”.

Teachers launched the crackdown over fears pupils could miss out in the jobs market when up against people from abroad who have been taught more formal spoken English.








Inbred places look like primitive cave markings. Greece the most  troubled  country  in Europe also has the worst lettering.

Bad Driving

inbred drivers

If you’re in a country where everyone drives on the sidewalk and nobody stops at stop signs, you can be pretty sure you are all inbred.

Bad drivers are a good indicator of a corrupt government



Voter ideology

23 years of unified germany and the separation is still visible in the voting behaviour. Scotland has been part of the UK for 307 years but still votes differently from England.

Inbred dependence

Inbred welfare benifts

Breeding clans

Intellect / Height / Race / Language / Dialect / Wealth / Culture / Religion / Attractiveness / Personality / Baggage


There are groups who are more comparable with each other. People with the same genetic evolutionary traits. Black people for example do not like light, sun or the
outdoors. White people do. Explaining why would come across as racist so I digress. Beaches, Parks and camping all white people things. Interest in museums and intelligent people thing. Stupid people are content doing nothing or worrying about what others are doing and gossiping.




All of this has to do with in and out breeding. The none inbreeds will make an effort to evolve (Trying to move away from apes.) Mix / cross breeding combining one set
of inbreeding with another. Say what you will normal people don’t venture out of these groups it’s hard enough to get along inside them.

Friends born not made

A study into the genetic nature of friendship has found that, on average, close friends are likely to be as genetically related to one another as fourth cousins who share the same great, great, great grandparents.






The weather and inbreeding


I’ve always though intellect level and evolution was simply like our other features derived from the climate where we live. Might be a bit of chicken egg deal here though. Cold climate people have to build homes can’t go outside so they have lots of time to think and learn. In a warm climates being outside all the time in the sun fries your brain. Bad news for those who hate white people here no matter how you bread your family will evolve into a white person eventually.

Below the equator also seems to correlate with inbreeding and lack of intellect maybe because they are upside down.

Economics and inbreeding

GDP per capita

Countries with the largest middle class will be the least inbreed. Inbreeding is the root cause of poverty and why they will never escape it. Inbreeding is also really prevent among the rich. It’s abit odd inbred poor don’t like them they would act worse. Perhaps they feel the rich have taken money that could be part of their familly  or maybe their politics is about stealing from (dirty) non family.


Keeping it in the family

Europe live with parents inbred

Inbreeding NOT socio-economic systems is why the inbred live with family. Inbreeding is why close relatives remain together rather than dispersing. Got a kid who won’t leave home won’t get a job its actually only because they don’t want to leave family and inbred parents seem to be ok with this. Outbreeds intentionally move away from family only visit on holidays when there is nothing else to do.



The migrants that try to live in London when no one else will is only because their inbred family is here. The temp migrants will only come work here for a bit for their family and go back to be with them. So yes the problem in London is all inbreeds.

If the inbred families stopped living in the same house. They would build more homes. That would mean more jobs. But they don’t want jobs or homes they want family. So they don’t develop. We call some parts of the world, developed, because they developed the ability to move away from their parent’s home. Developed countries only develop if they develop.

The only way the 3rd world will develop is by forcing families not to live in the same home and forcing markets to turn into shopping centers. Basically forcing them to build things.

America developed because they were building lots of roads and homes. Eventually all the roads and homes were built. Then the economy had to shift to white color jobs. Now they build information and technology. In order to keep developing you need to develop. You can see it in firms also. Facebook and google keep buying things with the stupid amount of capital they have doing nothing. They keep buying things to expand because if you don’t keep on expanding you shrink and investors don’t like that.

“Chinese Han people in Beijing traditionally commonly lived with the whole family in large houses that were rectangular in shape. This house is called a siheyuan. These houses had four rooms in the front: the guest room, kitchen, lavatory, and servants’ quarters. Across the large double doors was a wing for the elderly in the family. This wing consisted of three rooms, a central room where the four tablets, heaven, earth, ancestor, and teacher, were worshipped. There the two rooms attached to the left and right were bedrooms for the grandparents. The east wing of the house was inhabited by the eldest son and his family, while the west wing sheltered the second son and his family. Each wing had a veranda, some had a “sunroom” made from a surrounding fabric supported by a wooden or bamboo frame. Every wing is also built around a central courtyard used for study, exercise, or nature viewing.”

Seventy-six per cent of Hongkongers aged 18-35 are still living with their parents, according to the Urban Research Group of City University of Hong Kong, despite an unemployment rate of just 3 per cent.

That is almost twice the level of the US, the UK or France.

An overwhelming 95 per cent of those living with their parents like to do so, according the Urban Research Group. The city’s millennials prefer to have more money to spend by not paying rent; most said they liked being taken care of and avoiding domestic chores.


It was typical for individuals in northwest Europe to leave home at a young age (as teenagers) and live and work elsewhere — often quite long distances away (several towns over) — before marrying. then it was not unusual for them to marry someone from their new locale.

Inbreed people don’t like foreigners because don’t feel like family sometimes that family is a tribe (That will fight the others) and sometimes it’s the entire country. (That will start wars with others) Inbreeds can’t and will not like anyone who is not family. If you think an inbreed likes you when you are not family they don’t. They are using you they don’t care or have an moral obligation to you because you are not family (The enemy). Inbreeds can’t love anything that is not family. Inbreeds have no loyalty or conscience to anyone who is not family. These non family should be hurt. Why are inbreeds whores/hookers? Inbreeds are a product of incest. When incest and inbreeding is rampant it’s very likely they were molested as a child…Only capable of loving family…They do not like anyone who is not family. So they are not interested in relationships. They do have needs and to satisfy them they have meaningless sex with what ever like animals which of course leads to more inbreeding. They won’t stop by themselves they will fight us if we try and stop them.


Cross / mix inbreeding

UK good Germany bad breed

Every 3rd world migrant I know ended up married to another 3rd world migrant from another place. Even though they where living in the 1st world. There maybe some kind
of preference for same level inbreeding over out breeding.

Girls from highly inbred countries tend to be very attractive when they are young (Maybe to tempt their father / relatives) though they age very poorly. There also tends to be a higher ratio of girls. More women will lead to more children which leads to more inbreeding. Some kind of evolutionary trait to encourage inbreeding?

It’s much harder to tell if a women is inbreed. Inbreed men look like evil animals. Inbreed women probably the only noticeable physical trait is bad teeth. Inbred personality traits will be really apparent though.

Girls here are far more likely to date a foreigner then guys perhaps this happens because they have been unable to keep a local man or friends. Girls who date foreigners also tend to dress more slutty then even single girls maybe some attempt to further show the migrant who is the bitch. Hell it all might be to have power over a guy after a life of the other way around. Bitches don’t like being “the bitch”.

There is no other reason for it there is no shortage of guys. Migrant girls won’t even date the migrant guys. Any migrant that is dating a migrant moved here as a migrant couple. Happy hour on Thursday and Friday is nothing but business men could have your pick of a successful person. Despite the lack of women the men won’t date the migrants. Hell they don’t even seem to want to use them for sex. There is a ridiculous amount of interoffice dating (commuters). This is a sign of how bad it also is outside London forced to dip the pen in company inc and all the shit that comes with that. But this is out breeding. Only inbreeds will date in the tiny towns and villages that make up most of the UK.

European Divisions

Personality types and inbreeding

Empty vessels make the most noise. Introverts are always smarter I assumed this was due to the fact they had more free time for thinking and learning but it also tied into inbreeding. Extroverts don’t think and prefer the company of others for stimulation. The less intelligent find intelligent people boring which is code for you make my brain hurt from working too hard.

Are Canadians nice because they are outbreeds? Because it is cold and they don’t see others much? Because they are spread out in large areas? Maybe a mix of all.

Are City dwellers all inbreeds? Is this why they are all cunts?

Closing thoughts and observations

Inbreeds get pleasure from irritating, bothering and harming non family.

I can’t tell inbreeds what to do and they will not listen to me because I am not family. If this post has made you angry it is because you are an inbreed you decided
that not me.

College was originally a way for the rich to out breed. Still probably the best tool to combat inbreeding. People closer to your age are less likely to cause inbreeding as siblings are spread out.

Traveling increases out breeding. Open borders increase inbreeding in the native and migrants much more so due to limited population and self segregation.

The 3rd world consists of mostly young people where they are 50% of the population. More kids leads to more inbreeding.

Inbred girls are more likely to like old men when they are young as they resemble their fathers. When they get older they are more likely to like younger men as they are on the same intellect level assuming they can’t find the same level of cross or inbreed to marry.

Inbreeds like children because they have the same level of intellect.

More inbreeding in multiple marriages and single mothers. Anything other then one partner two kids causes inbreeding. Brothers and sisters should lead to less in
breeding unless they are really really inbreed because normal people want to date someone that doesn’t resemble their sibling where really really inbreeds would want


My life is shit because I am surrounded by inbreeds who hate me because I am not family.

Personal Anecdote

I’m an English person I don’t get along with the Scottish unless they are really outbred. I also don’t get along with Irish. I like the welsh but don’t like like them though they like me. I don’t get along with Americans. I don’t get along with city dwellers this is because I am from the country side. I do get along with Canadians. Indifferent to Australians. (This is just about women.)

Thanks to London and it’s probably not fair to judge countries by their rejects but I now hate everyone in London, everywhere else and migrants. This damage can’t be undone.

I’m also distained enough about inbreeding (and the all places who do it) to take the time to address it.











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