How will history judge us?


Agriculture – Agricultural Revolution

Modernity – Modern era

The 19th century. 20th century.

In the UK terms the Elizabethan II era?

What will the Queen’s legacy be?

Most likely ending forced slavery.

Never in history has there been such rapid change. Past history has been based on Europe. Will it now be based on America?

What will our time be called? What will it be known for?

Contemporary era?

The time we developed infrastructure? The age of travel?

Yes roads and planes are fairly new developments.

The age of development / discovery?

We have made lots of scientific discoveries in the medical field.

Space Age? (Sort of a cold war thing though)

The Age of technology? The Information age?

The Technological revolution? Digital revolution?

Mechanization in society.

The age of trade? Globalization?

Capitalism vs communism?

The fall of individuality?

The fall of religion? Rise of secularism?

Loss of strength of traditional religious and ethical norms

That time we made women work? (Rather then raise children and run a house hold properly.)

The transition from blue colour to white colour?

The rise of strong centralized governments?


The age of upheaval? (Migration) All the wars caused less then the 300+ million migrants across the world.

The 3rd world has shifted to urbanization. (Too many people poor planning)

As the population grew and as the division of labor grew more complex.

The development of Eastern powers was of note, with China and India becoming more powerful.

Germany has been fucking up Europe since 962 (Yes that is a 3 digit year) so that should not really be of note it’s just what Germany does and has been doing for the last 1024 years. That’s fucking commitment. Seriosly just fucking stop please. But starting the only two world wars is history. Not that we remeber many battles of the past. When they make movies in 50-100 years time. They will probably be about Germany. Not singular events like Titanic or pearl harbour though the later is really about Germany and oddly the lead is a German actor.


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