Levels of inbreeding in the Game of Thrones

There is a lot of inbreeding in Westeros. Lets take a look. We will start with the most inbreed.

It all about families, houses and kingdoms. The families of the houses are always very unhappy with being forced to (outbreed) join their houses. It’s a good thing they are forced to do that to stay in power. You will also notice the inbred don’t like their inbred children. Though Cersei loves her daughter (Who is your daddy?)


Daenerys – Molested by her brother then given to a inbred savage. Frees slaves just like she was freed by intentionally killing her owners the Karl and her brother.


BrotherInbred stage one molested by relativeInbred stage qtwo BrokenInbred stage three Cross mix inbreedingkilled brother


let me kill you

BaratheonRobert – Drunk

Stannis – So inbred can’t make babies just still borns and demons.

Renly – So inbred selected by nature not to bread. Not loyal to brothers.

daughter 3Gay not loyal to brother or fathergaystill born

LanisterTywin’s real legacy – Married his first cousin (Joanna Lannister) His twins are making Joffrey. Tyrion is an imp. He killed the family they where meant to breed with (House Reyne). Then tried to fix his mistake with the Tyrell’s and Starks far too late in the game.

Jaime + Cersei = Joffrey – Most inbreed you can get hence desire to hurt everything. Normal people get joy from love inbreeds get joy from hate.

Tyrion – Only likes whores or whores are as inbred as imps.

Why give the least inbred girl to Tyrion? Trying to most up bread his kin?

Why not give her to Jaime? Maybe make her have a child with both. Margaery should have a baby with Jaime but stay wed to Joffrey. (FYI I’ve not seen past season 3)

IMP with doglegacywinter is cuming



Margaery – Inbreed enough to want a 3 way with her brother. Not too inbreed but just enough to control Joffrey.

Loras – So inbred selected by nature not to bread.


No babyNot queen




The most outbred in the land so the inbreds killed them all.

Ned + Catelyn Tully – Least inbred family

Robb (Traded for a different level of inbreding maybe regreted it)

TullySansa – Despite the least inbreeding falls in love with Joffrey and a gay Tyrell. Might just be because she is young.

Ayra – Acts like a boy level inbred.



kill the outbreed and his honourInbreed level boyKing of incestkinght of flowers

Same level mix cross inbreeding

Equal breed outbredEqual breed wild targaryenequal level inbreeding wild

Shunned super inbreeds

Lysa Arryn – Wed as child to John Aryn hand of the king who was killed over breeding. Has a child with Petyr Baelish who was a Tully ward that is in love with her sister. She made him master of coin and put him on the council. They would later be offically matched. Jamie “the kingslayer” Lanister was matched with her and that is why Cersei named him to the kings guard.

Craster – Lots of wives. Lots of duaghters. Lots of inbreeding. This guy single handedly grew / feed the white walkers.

Lord Frey – Lots of wives. Lots of duaghters. Lots of inbreeding.

Greyjoy – They live on a tiny island and everyone is scared of them.

arryn inbredCraster houseLots of wives lots of daughers lots of inbreedingsister rubsister

Kill the outbreeds

ned headno outbreed baby

 burn the outbreedsdie outbreeds dieKill the outbred

Inbreeds no fucks given

i hate myselfinbred not care about wifeinbreeds filay people

Urban city

City level inbreedingCity level inbreeding canibal

1 your freedom2 unslave yourselfFree yourselfs


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