Common European Asylum System

The EU is about to reform the Dublin rules. Which oblige migrants to request asylum in the first EU country they enter. It’s not hard to see where they will try and take this. Quotas for EU countries to take migrants. Germany trying to force the migrants they invited on the EU.

It will contain “Differing conditions throughout the bloc for accepting migrants, selection procedures and rights for asylum seekers.”

I really wish the EU would stop making a mockery of the word rights.

The formation of a European asylum agency. And said the aim was to create an “institutionalized relocation system in the EU”.

2,500-strong German army troops will be given the power to override the national sovereignty of countries in the EU’s Schengen zone using helicopters, patrol vessels and drones. To stop migrants Germany invited in.

EU plans to assume control of asylum applications, in what would ā€“ by any yardstick ā€“ be the most-dramatic transfer of sovereignty since the euro.


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