The PM has some questions


After his recent failed negotiation he doesn’t have any confidence in himself the governemnt or his party. He may be right. That is why he may need to be replaced after Brexit and we can have a PM who will lead us out of the EU from the dark into a bright future.


With Europe

A better one then we have now on our terms. The are not going to want to stop selling us cars or anything else. They are not going to want to stop trading with the 5th largest economy in the world.

Not isolated in the single market we can trade with countries that are not decending into the abiss.

Outside the EU we would be able to protect our steel industry and any of the others they have decimated.


We can start giving those to our children and unemployed instead of migrants. This will also reduce our welfare bill and stop creating a benifits society.

As we won’t have to fund the EU any more we can reduce tax so people will have more money to spend. Which will be a major boost to the economy and create jobs. All the money saved from reductions in rent and the cost of homes can be then be spent in the economy.


The biggest security risk to the UK comes from our association with Germany (The EU) and its provication of Russia. Then there is the fact we can’t control entry of or deport security issues at the moment our policy seems to be to pay them benifits to do thier thing.

Personal opinion

Trade agreements why do we need them? Trade is only free if there is no regulation. I don’t need a trade agreement to do my weekly shop. I don’t need a trade agreement to buy a jumper at John Lewis. We don’t need a trade agreement to trade.

As the PM has just demenstarted better then anyone ever could with his “renegotiatin” we have no say in Europe now.


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