The case for Brexit

I’ve already covered the basics

The reason why so many have to move here and the populations of Spain and Italy are going backwards.

The real poor migrant caused housing crisis.

Descent into 3rd world.

We have to say this clearly: Europe cannot take in all migrants from the middle east or Africa. More of everything is not a strategy.

EU will not be reformed and will do what ever it wants. Every country in Europe has an elected anti-EU party. If that doesn’t show how bad things are and how their governments don’t represent their people what does?

EU seats far rightEU fnational seats far right



The economy here is growing, true enough, but the Chancellor is discovering that an expansion based on low wages and rising house prices delivers far less growth in tax receipts than we used to get from a traditional broadly based recovery based on manufacturing investment and exports which we are isolated from the rest of the world in the single market. Creating low-wage jobs hasn’t meant a reduction in welfare spending. In fact most non-retired welfare benefit claimants in the U.K. actually work, receiving money from the state to cover the often substantial gaps left by low wages.

The government needs higher wages not just to reduce this welfare bill, but also to reduce its need to borrow.

pay down

At the same time, these same high-wage cities have also seen a countermovement: they show the fastest growth in welfare spending. This seems to be largely a housing issue. Higher-wage cities predictably see sharper increases in housing costs, and as demand increases, lower-earning residents in these cities find themselves increasingly struggling to afford their rent. To remain in the cities where their jobs and families are, lower earners have to start claiming Housing Benefit, a means-tested rent subsidy that’s passed directly from the state to private landlords. This scheme still isn’t enough to protect everyone, and U.K. homelessness has risen by a third since 2010.

UK     1% population 4% GDP 7% welfare

EU     7% Population 35% GDP 50% welfare

USA   4% Population 23% GDP 19% welfare–drowning-under-the-cost-of-welfare-bills/



Lots of new migrants


No new roads / No new trains /No new sewers / No new schools / No new hospitals /No new housing. We can’t build these things because they are drain on the system not a gain.

We can’t build these things because they are drain on the system not a gain.

ONE in six of all European Union births in a year took place in Britain, official figures reveal.

3Two out of three migrants

UK has a bigger population then in Canada + Australia. London more then Portugal / Greece / Switzerland / NYC / Sweden / Finland / Norway.

UK colonies land vs size

Poor areas will have even less tax will further descend…I doubt many of the places poor migrants live are any better then a 3rd world country.



Gone are the days…A country that once created the likes of Isaac Newton /Alexander Graham Bell / Charles Darwin /Sigmund Freud / John Locke / David hume / John Stuart Mill / Berrrand Russell / TS Eliot / Oscar Wilde / William Shakespeare / Jane Austen / Charles Dickens / Ian Fleming / Agatha Christie / H G Wells / The Beatles..

When world renowned brands were born here.  Symbols of quality and craftsmanship.



Now we have sports direct.



More Money More Control

1 UK EU pot2nd largest EU

UK no say


They won’t even tell us the true scale of the problem.

Officials gave 1.9m national insurance numbers to EU citizens in four years but only logged 751,000 arrivals.


Shackled to a failing single market


Going from Bad to Worse

The European Union was supposed to be an economic superpower, but after seven years it is still struggling to recover from the global economic crisis. Economic growth is sluggish at best (and uneven, given the divide between a more prosperous north and a debt-burdened south). Adjusting for inflation, the gross domestic product of the 19 countries now sharing Europe’s common currency, the euro, was less in 2014 than it was in 2007. Widespread joblessness and diminishing opportunities confront an entire generation of young Europeans, especially in Spain, Italy, France and Greece. The economic malaise tinges everything: Young people resist marriage for lack of economic opportunity. Poorer European countries are experiencing brain drains as many of their best young professionals and college graduates move abroad. Numerous Greek doctors, for instance, now work in more prosperous Germany while Greece’s health system is in crisis. Even as Toroczkai pushed back against migrants, he complained to me that too many young Hungarians had to leave for London or elsewhere to find work.

But prudence requires doing everything possible to prevent it. That means closing Germany’s borders to new arrivals for the time being. It means beginning an orderly deportation process for able-bodied young men. It means giving up the fond illusion that Germany’s past sins can be absolved with a reckless humanitarianism in the present.

It means that Angela Merkel must go — so that her country, and the continent it bestrides, can avoid paying too high a price for her high-minded folly.

Cost of living


The cost of homes and rent in the UK is twice that of the European average for a house that is half the size.

EU income spent on rentEU average rent

Clustering in nice areas to escape the crime or for good schools makes homes there cost more. Young people unable to buy homes due to buy-to-let to migrants. Young unable to save for deposit due to lost wages and jobs plus higher rents. Young people and even now some pensioners forced to live like migrants sharing a house like students.


Slippery standard slope 

Tesco needs cordon to mark down food

Tesco needs to use a cordon to keep plebs at bay while marking down food.

At $21 billion Lidl not any of the car makers is the biggest most profitable firm in Germany. In the new 3rd world UK German discount supermarkets top the list of sales Aldi at 29.1% Lidl at 17.7%. Waitrose the only local super market making a profit though 1/6 of the German chains.

Now Germany has been very clever in taking advantage of running Europe into the ground for their gain. At some point there will be nothing left to destroy. Then maybe war with Russia.

When we had an empire we were trying to improve it.

When Germany has an Empire they try and ruin it.

When the US…just blows everything up.

I use to wonder if or where migrants eat. The answer is the same as what they did in their 3rd world country they buy a five pound bag of rice and eat just that. Migrants driving down the wages and pushing up the cost of living causes locals to increasingly shop at the discount supermarkets.



I see our supermarket as the only true reflection of the economy and it’s not good. Normal people don’t judge the economy by stats they judge by what they see. Stores closing people they know being out of work having less money things deteriorating

This explains why they refuse to sign anti-Brexit letter.

British supermarkets are having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year

UK shoppers are turning German when they walk into a supermarket


DIY recession

Wages have been driven down so much people can’t afford to fix up their homes further deteriorating the quality of their  life. One in four Homebase stores set to close.

With home ownership on the decline, higher mortgages, more forced to rent. Buy-to-let landlords who let their properties fall into disrepair and tenants who can be easily replaced should they complain. It’s not hard to see why DIY is in decline.

Migrants drive down everything in the economy and eventually cost themselves their jobs. 216 shops and 7,500 jobs – the cost of supermarket and DIY chaos.

Homebase has now been sold off to Westfarmers for £340m


Once lined by Marks and Spencer’s and Waitrose high streets now a wash with pound land boarded up stores shit take always and charity shops. Chippies, tea rooms and restaurants have been replaced by shit takeaways and fried chicken shops plus ethnic supermarkets serving  the new arrivals.

Why have the white British left London?

Migrants find a way around the laws and taxes by coming and starting a small business. It doesn’t need to make money it just needs to provide food and shelter. The family works there thus are no employment laws or standards. They don’t have to pay staff usually the most expensive cost of a business. The only cost that needs to be covered may be housing if they can’t live above or in it. Because they are not paying staff they can under cut everyone’s prices. People go there to save money and the nice restaurants go out of business.

Most of their business is late-night kebabs. They will work unsociable hours to be the only place open to cater to the people who will stager out of the pub and try to sober up with food. Doesn’t really matter what is tastes like.

Even the EU legislated against

Restaurants that want to employ a chef from outside the EU will have to pay them a minimum salary of £35,000, or £29,750 with accommodation and food, to qualify for a visa. Previous government restrictions prevented Bangladeshi students, a key source of flexible labour on busy weekends, from working in curry houses. Since then Bangladeshis has fallen from 40,393 in 2009 to 23,278 last year.

The children of the migrants who their parents intended for them to always work in their restaurant or open a family chain of their own don’t want to work there. Know they can make more money and a better life else where. End up driving for uber or working in a chain. These are also being replaced by temp migrants who come here for days, months, years then go home. These migrants will accept an even lower standard of living just like what happened to the locals.

Italian city to limit ethnic eateries

To safeguard its Italian cultural values and traditions. Plans to crack down on shops that degrade their neighborhoods.

“Thanks to this provision there will be no more openings of establishments that sell food prepared in a way that could impact the decorum of our city,” said Verona Mayor Flavio Tosi

“This protects not only our historic and architectural patrimony of the city centre, but also the tradition of typical culture of the Verona territory.”

City officials in Venice are considering restrictions to limit mini-markets, trinket shops, money transfer points and internet call centres that have proliferated in recent years and are often run by Chinese or Muslim immigrants.

Black cabs replaced by uber.

Overwhelmed government services and spending



Junior doctors wanting to leave. One of the largest employers in the world the NHS consists most of foreign workers with questionable qualifications. Meanwhile young Brits are on the dole. Our government is doing this not some evil firm.


It would be crazy to think if the UK exited the European Union it could not negotiate new trade deals with EU members, EU countries sell more to the UK than we sell to them. Last year the UK was Germany’s biggest export market, larger than the US, larger than China. The thing is, whatever happens to the UK, it’s highly unlikely that these countries would erect trade barriers because it would damage them more than us.


The EU will not let us save our steel.

What are they building all this with?


Migrants now 1/4. If we closed the gate right now that would still change to 3/4 in 20 years. Most of the English people are old pensioners who are going to die.

Going back further to 1995, the study found that immigrants arriving between that year and 2011 had claimed more in benefits than they paid in taxes, mainly because they had more children than people already living in Britain.


Illegal Immigrants

By far the largest group in London more then EU and common wealth combined.

Banana republic

As we descend into a 3rd world country we seem to be adopting their governance tactics. Police and government have basically just given up here actually it’s a bit worse they have taken to covering up crimes.

Hell they have even taken to trying to overthrow the government.


Migrants living 10-30 in a 3 bed home. Not fit for animals if you wonder why they act like they do.

As more and more migrants come they want to find the cheapest way to do everything this drives more migrant business and thus more migrants. A group of migrants come they create a slum. This slum drives down the cost of rent homes. Then more migrants can afford to come. It goes on like this until it is all migrants. The non migrants flock to nice areas driving up the prices just and basically only paying not to live next to shit.

Loss of our city

not real

London half of the population has gone. The only other way this has happened anywhere in due to war.

The EU

Migrants don’t care what happens in this country. 75% of London is here for less then 5 years. The other 25% live in council flats. Most don’t speak English. They don’t care what goes on here they are only here for money.

When English try to breed in London.


Victorian-era diseases like scarlet fever are making a comeback in England


Change sweeping the endz as new dialect ‘erases Cockney’

Last Whites of the East End

Cockneys are becoming an endangered species in a London




Inbreeding, migrants are going to inbreed more quickly in the 1st world due to lack of potential mates in their deeply segregated areas. There are also going to cause inbreeding in the native people. By occupying cities because they have public transport / jobs / cheap slums / shared homes they drive out the young locals who once used cities as a mixing point. Get a job in a city find a wife from another area move out of city to have kids. Thanks to migrants that structure of life has changed. The 1st world has been structured around families and anything other then that is a shock to the system that has not and can’t be adjusted. 1st world people will move away from 3rd world migrants thus further isolating themselves.

No Women


There are no women in London.

No English


I propose a £150 fine for speaking non inclusive languages. (The EU will pass this!)

People not speaking the local language is breaching the right to live in an inclusive society. All people should speak the local language to respect the conditions of ‘living together’ because not doing so is a threat to social cohesion. People caught violating the ban on non inclusive languages should incur a £150 fine and should be ordered to take a course on the country’s Language and values. This legitimate aim to remove a barrier centres on the fact that it could stop people from feeling they could socialize with others, breaching their human rights to live in an inclusive society.

Individuals might not wish to hear or see, in places open to all, Languages, practices, attitudes or behavior which would fundamentally call into question the possibility of open interpersonal relationships, which, by virtue of an established consensus, form an indispensable element of community life within society.

Therefore, by not speaking the local language, people could be breaching the right of others to live in a space of socialisation.

I’m not doing this to annoy others but to feel at inner peace with myself that is undermined by inability to engage in social interaction due to language barriers.

The children

If your child can get a place they can look forward to the bad influence of children from different cultures with different morals. Dumped in schools by parents who see it as free day care. Children not knowing how to speak English some of them were born here.

Removing just one disruptive peer from a classroom for one year would raise the present discounted value of classmates’ future earnings by $100,000.

People choosing to have less children so they can afford to send them to private school. Or paying more for a home to be in a safer area. A general sense of insecurity at many levels of society is making people wait longer to have fewer children.

Schools no English

One in five primary school pupils in England do not have English as their first language.

British pupils are suffering because teachers are struggling to cope with an influx of foreign students speaking a total of 300 different languages.

Pressure on teachers meant they had put aside time and training on how to deal with bilingual students when they should be focusing on more demanding priorities.

It’s not just the English as another language, it’s that English is no language for them at all. It takes some pupils five to seven years to gain the academic language proficiency needed, meaning their lack of English skills was holding them back.

Should there be a designated person to deal with such pupils? A designated school?

Heather Emerson, a teacher from Salford ”I’ve learnt how to speak a little bit of Urdu, a little bit of Persian, a little bit of Spanish, and I’m currently learning Arabic.”

Malcolm St John-Smith, from Wakefield, said: “These pupils whose knowledge of English is, shall we say, rudimentary to say the least, are going home from school at the end of the day and the weekend and having no communication whatsoever in English.”

Some Schools force English students to buddy up with a foreign student. Rather then learning they now have to teach a migrant how to do everything. Then you have the cultural and moral issues. I’d not be suprised if the migrant fucked up the English kid. Perhaps this is why white students are doing so poorly. I’m also more then sure the migrant schools are helping student cheat on test. All kinds of shit is going on the cheat ofsted ratings. There are proboably all kinds of issues in London with racism agaist whites them being picked on not fitting in with anyone.

Figures from the Department for Education show that a record 1.1 million pupils now speak English as a second language. In some parts of London, children with English as a second language now make up as much as three quarters of the school roll, with around half of pupils being classified in towns and cities such as Slough, Luton and Leicester.

But critics warned that schools with large numbers of pupils who speak other languages may struggle to accommodate their particular needs – meaning other pupils get less attention.

Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for State Education, and a former head teacher, said: “We don’t need to worry about children with English as a second language. They leave school bilingual and perform very well on the whole. The danger is the bottom 25 per cent of monolingual pupils – the white, working class – who don’t get the attention they need to succeed.

“There is a concern that they are becoming an increasingly disengaged underclass and that’s where our efforts need to be focused.”

According to figures, 1.12m children now speak English as a second language, including 654,405 in primary schools, 455,205 in secondaries and 13,585 in special schools.

The total number of pupils speaking other languages has increased by a third – 253,000 – since 2009. In the last year alone, the number increased by 62,185.

Nationally, 18.7 per cent of primary pupils are now classed as non-native English language speakers, compared with 18.1 per cent last year. In secondary schools, the proportion increased from 13.6 to 14.3 per cent.

A council-by-council breakdown of the data shows that the proportion of pupils speaking other languages in the home soars far higher in some areas.

The largest number is seen in Tower Hamlets, east London, where 75.8 per cent of primary-age pupils speak other languages, followed by 75.3 per cent in neighbouring Newham and 71.6 per cent in Westminster.

Outside London, the largest proportion of non-English speaking pupils is seen in Slough (58.3 per cent), Luton (51.5 per cent), Leicester (48.8 per cent), Bradford (43.4 per cent), Birmingham (43.1 per cent) and Blackburn (41.4 per cent).

Separate figures show that 29.5 per cent of primary pupils nationally are classed as ethnic minority, compared with 28.5 per cent a year earlier. Numbers increased from 24.2 to 25.3 per cent in secondary schools.

Pakistani children form the largest minority, accounting for 4.3 per cent of the primary pupil population, followed by Black African (3.7 per cent), Indian (2.7 per cent) and Bangladeshi (1.7 per cent).

happy child



£3 billion cost of educating immigrants’ kids that is ‘eating into’ school improvement cash meant for classroom improvements, more staff and books.

The figures reveal nearly 700,000 European pupils up almost 400,000 since 2007.One in every 15 schoolkids either moved here with their parents from another EU country or was born in the UK after they left their homeland.

Experts say the equivalent of 27 new secondary schools or 100 new primaries are needed to add places required by children of EU migrants.

Shocking figures spark fears the same will happen to hospitals and housing

Lost Generation

More EU migrants last year found work in the UK than Britons.

Can’t get jobs out of school as skilled migrants have more experience. Don’t take low level jobs because they are for unskilled migrants.

Young people need migrants jobs to teach them good work ethic. From showing up on time. Learning how to deal with people customers other workers and the boss. Learning money as a motivator gives the ability to buy nice clothes or later take vacations, or simply pay the bills. Pride in the money earned and doing good work working towards something larger than himself. Learning work is not something you like. That is why you get paid for it.

Not that they should have to be on zero hour contracts for low pay working unsociable hours to share a flat with a bunch of shit migrants. No wonder they still live with their parents.

4 Worse then Spain

Worse then Spain

Low levels of pay, worsening employment prospects and rising housing costs. It’s not hard to see why many are giving up.

Theirs are the shoulders on which the countries future will rely, yet they have the worst economic prospects for several generations.

Boat migrants

You have not seen anything yet.

The number of migrants washing up on Europe’s shore has in the last six weeks exceeded the total of the last 6 months of last year. The young able bodied that could have rebuild their nations. Their families with out an income from those who left will also leave. Billions spent the stem the tide border fences are not stopping them.

Final thoughts


Loss of skilled migrants not wanting to be here for same reason as locals. The quality of life here has taken a major hit from being in the EU. The worse the Euro zone gets the more will come here. We can’t recover if when we try to get up we bump our head on a Eurozone ceiling.

We are less safe in the EU.


To quote Angel Merkel. Multiculturalism has failed and is a sham.

Angel Merkel Multi Cutlurism is a sham

There is nothing we can’t do outside the EU.

If we have a referendum and don’t leave the EU will have us backed into a corner.


The only way to get a new relationship with Europe is to leave the EU. We need a new partnership and a new deal with our friends in the Europe and the world, based on trade and cooperation. Or we will continue to sit trapped like passengers in the back seat of some errant minicab with a driver who cannot speak English and who is taking us remorselessly and expensively the wrong way. (Stolen quote from Boris)

The EU wouldn’t survive a British exit. This is in itself a compelling reason to vote to leave.

Left right left right forward march.


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