Migrants as threats

First it was Africa. Which has been using this for years to get aid money. You give us money or we will send our population to you and they will be your problem. Why Africans let their leaders talk about them like a disease is beyond me. But then again I don’t understand why anyone who want to live here.




Then it was the middle east who will send them as weapons. Italy, Greece and Turkey who can’t seem to figure out how to turn boats around respond by giving them buss and train tickets and a map to France and Sweden (What did they ever do to you?)


Now it is David Cameron. If we leave the EU the jungle will come here.



Which France was like. What? No!

The US has a border in every country in the world. Don’t know why we can’t.


Truth is migrants don’t give a fuck if anyone wants them they only care about money. If they could not come here they would just go where ever they thought was money. Don’t know why they can’t just learn to grow their own food. They don’t give a shit about the place they migrated in fact they seem to want to fuck it up you know because that is normal and more comfortable like home to them. Normal people don’t leave their countries.

Even when we try to deport migrants most of the time their home country will not take them back. Hell the bus from Romania to the UK cost £10 funded by their government the return bus cost £75. Not to worry gypsies we will pay for the bus to take you back home even if they don’t want you.



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