What is a real home?

The answer depends on where you live. Everyone has a different normal.

In the US state of Connecticut we have what everyone everywhere should aspire to.

Here is the layout

Connecticut Cul de sac

Lets take a closer look.

Connecticut cul de sac

You will notice the homes are all spread out and none of them face each other or a main road.

Now time for house size. No that’s not a mansion it’s a normal house.

Connecticut home in Cul de sac

Now in the UK I managed to find a Cul da sac in Sussex.

Sussex cul da sac but semi

But the big but is that these are semi not individual homes and even then they were they are not particularly spread out and they all face each other.

semi 2semi

This is more your average UK shit lay out in Kent.


For some comparison here is Montreal (Pardon the French) design wise what is going on here is well just fucking stupid.

Montreal WTF

But this is what the homes there look like.

Motreal home

This is what a normal real UK home should look like. But with as much space and lay out as the Connecticut home above.

Normal not big still no land or privacy

New homes should look like this. Semi should have their walls knocked in to make one normal size house NOT split into bed sits.


I get why people do it.

Here is the system: buy the property with cash for £80,000; spend £20,000 on the makeover, then let six bedrooms each at £275 per month. Hence a £20,000 income on a £100,000 outlay. It doesn’t really matter what happens to the capital value of the property, the profit is in the income.


I don’t get why the government allows it.

How does the US cover this issue?




There it is college students here it is migrant families.




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