3rd world standards checklist

1) Do you have to worry every woman you meet is a hooker?

2) Do the police have machine guns?

3) Do you have to dress poor to go outside?

4) Do you have to ask people if they speak English?

5) Is it safe to talk on your phone without someone nicking it?

6) Is it safe to take money out to pay for things?

7) Is it safe to go out at night?

9) Is it safe to wear a watch, jewelry or carry a hand bag?

10) Is it safe to get drunk?

The answer to the first 4 in the 3rd world and London is yes. The answer to the other 6 in the 3rd world and London is no.

In the 3rd world if you life in a nice area it’s not filled with shit and pretty safe for some reason that is not the case in the UK. Perhaps this is due to the much lower standards of living conditions here. Perhaps they know there is nothing to steal in the 3rd world so they don’t bother. Maybe to police are paid to keep an area shit free. I don’t know.


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