Women explained using Disney Princesses

There are 16 different types of people. Here are the 16 types of woman and their percentage of the population. Take the Myers-Briggs test online, then check this list to see what your Disney princess personality is!

ISFJ  19.4% Cinderella

Cinderella ISFJ

ESFJ  16.9% Anna


ESFP  10.1% Snow White

Snow white ESFP

ISFP  9.9% Giselle

Giselle ISFP

ENFP  9.7% Rapunzel

Rapunzel ENFP

ISTJ  6.9% Mulan

Mulan ISTJ

ESTJ  6.3% Tiana

Tiana ESTJ

INFP  4.6% Belle

Belle INFP

ENFJ  3.3% Kida


ESTP  3.0% Jasmine

Jasmine ESTP

ENTP  2.4% Esmeralda

Esmeralda ENTP

ISTP  2.3% Aurora

Aurora ISTP

INTP  1.7% Ariel

Ariel INTP

INFJ  1.6% Pocahontas

Pocahontas INFJ

INTJ  0.9% Elsa

Elsa INTJ Dress

ENTJ  0.9% Merida

Merida ENTJ


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