If we Don’t Leave the EU

Nazi crush

“We will have to reassess everything” direct quote from Pierre Moscovici, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs

The EU will bend us over and fuck us in the ass with no lube.

1) We will have to pay VAT on food, medicine and children’s clothing.



2) We will have to join the Euro. (We will be worse off economically but it will mean less migration so it’s a plus.)

3) Complete colapse of all governemnt services starting with the NHS and benifits. (Everything will be privatized also a plus but it’s not going to be pretty)

4) A bunch of fun new rules the EU will make up to punish us for getting out of line and some fines/”adjustments”.

5) The EU will eventually collapse and we will sink with it.

6) Migrants (Think it bad now it’s going to go the way of Paris.)

7) We will be forced to do everything we have resisted.

Faux Renegotiation

David Cameron has been begging around Europe try to make a deal his terms are things we could have been doing all this time under EU law. He has spent millions of our governments money to get these “concessions”




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