Life lessons from How I met you mother

Lilly Marshal

Girls if you are the first girl a decent guy meets in collage he will learn how to deal with you being a bitch because he doesn’t know any better.

How to get a guy.


Barney 1

Barney 2


Ted 2

The Stories of the group

Ted: Peer pressured into doing stupid shit by his “friends”. Only gets a decent girl after all his “friends” are gone.

Not the mothers

Barney: Broken child who never grew up.

Grow up.png

Robin: Covers up daddy issues by being a workoholic. Is a bitch thus has no freinds. Gets cheated on a lot. (Not suprising really)


Robin Bitch no Bitches

Ted doesn’t love Robin she is just better then the others . Maybe because she is Canadian. Yeah the mothers from Italy so maybe American girls are a bit shit.

Victoria: The only one who loved really loved. That love was for Ted.


Bad timing or maybe Victoria did not get the guy because she did not follow “How to get one” (Above)

If a woman resist even a bit she doesn’t want you.

IDK I think maybe I still haven't met the right guy - waste of time

Mother and Louis

Robin and Ted

Robin and Barney

Stella and Ted

In each one of these cases no resistance.

Marshal and Lilly

Ted and Victoria

Mother and Ted

The only relationships that worked.


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