Why the US has and always will have the best quality of life.

Everything in America has been built fairly recently compared with the rest of the world and with much higher standards.

US Cul-de-Sac

1) Houses are large and spread out (They may be made of cardboard but they can be.)


2) The weather is good

3) There is lots of space and a small population

4) Good education system and a decent place to raise children

5) Good economy, job prospects and social mobility

6) High GDP per capita (People get paid and have more money and pay less tax.)

7) Easy to move area. Generally the same culture and life quality where ever you go

8) Decentralised

9) Low poverty and government dependance levels (Less shit people)

10) Easy to find a decent significant other

11) Freedom of speech and everything

The only thing that can fuck up America is you guessed it immigration which ruins all of the above except the weather that’s probably the only think migrants can’t make shit. Seriously the economy could tank that would only have an impact on two of the things mentioned those being your stuff will be less nice and some people will become more shit.

First world key large land mass small population

home size

Britain doesn’t have actual houses in proper streets rather it has rabbit hutches in mazes. It’s time the less useful countryside (Not the green belt) was chopped up and used for spacious self build (Cul-de-Sac) plots. Decent people need the chance to build their own communities for an improved anti-housing estate culture and areas they can be proud of, rather than the government always helping greedy developers cheap and tackily build the ghettos of the future. Britain’s towns are the ugliest and most over-populated in Europe they are also the smallest and most expesive. Housing estates all look like Milton Keynes, sickly design, another house overlooking your postage stamp garden from every angle, vandalized playgrounds, nowhere to park the car, an utterly vile quality of life.



LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 14: Suburban housing and streets are seen from the air on June 14, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

This is not going to happen becasue no one can afford to buy homes because of migrants. Lack of demand is why nothing it being built. The UK is never going to have large spread out houses. The weather is never going to be good. We will never have a small population. We do have a lot of space but we don’t use. The only decent place to raise and educate children is in the middle of nowhere because no migrants. The economy, job prospects and social mobility are all shit also due to migrants they are the reason pay is down, people have less money and pay more taxes for failing public services again due to migrant overload. We are not decentralised government jobs should be moved out of cities as a start. It’s not easy to move as areas are completely different from one another. Poverty and government dependace rates are high. Good luck finding another human. Think PC is bad in the US you have not idea there is not freedom of any kind here at all.


UK colonies land vs size

In America poverty is very confined. The poor are housed away from everyone else. They shop in poor malls (Shopping centre) they shop at Walmart. The rich have their own malls. Different stores. Public transport probably doesn’t even go to them and the are intentional away from the poor people. In the UK we only have one high street. When most migrants like 10-20 to a 3 bed semi guess where they end up? The US would never allow migrants to live the way they do here. It’s inhuman. If you ever wondered why they act like animals. America doesn’t really have council estates big cities have “projects” even these are well out of the way and places normal people won’t go and most residents don’t leave. Our council estates are very close to city centers and they are council ghettos.


1% population 4% GDP 7% welfare


7% Population 35% GDP 50% welfare


4% Population 23% GDP 19% welfare

Countries/Governments respond to what other countries are doing rather then doing things that make sense. 3rd world countries are trying to turn into first. 1st world countries are trying to turn into 3rd. Eventually we will have a world where everything everywhere is more or less the same and it’s not going to be very nice.

All you are doing when you make an economy bigger is making (Already existing) homes cost more. What is all of the other money doing?


It’s used to buy really expensive homes rich people will never enter but are very good for hiding money from the government so they don’t take it and spend it on shit. Or invested in the stock market where companies sit on trillions of dollars they have sitting around doing nothing. Why? This is where you see rich people try to do things with their money some of this is a want to do something meaningful with the money and themselves some of it some of it is out of boardroom. After you have more money then you can possibly spend even if you tried it becomes about power. Not (most) politicians they are failed business people who see it as a steady well paying job with a lavish life and great pension. Even if you leave it’s a spring board into a job just for you influence and knowledge.



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