I’ve never met a 1st World Human Woman

This is a big break through here. I’ve always thought I hated people. Turns out I have never met one.

I’ve tried to look for a picture of a 1st world human woman to go with this post and I can’t find one.

Are first world and English people a mythological

Only 7% of the world is white. Funny how they run around calling everyone else a minority.

Yes there has been a (Literal) handful of white women. But they are all like me people who have lived most their lives surrounded by people who are not like us. Some of the other white people have dealt with this by either joining the others or trying to out trash them maybe only out of a feeling of being lost or desperation to belong somewhere.

So my new goal in life is to find a 1st world human woman.

Sounds like it should be an easy thing. Nope. I’ve been to several continents never met one. It’s a bit strange you can’t go anywhere or do anything in the world without seeing a 3rd world migrant. You really do have to wonder why they are there and why they where born. I can’t even find a woman who speaks English in England.

I’ve met first world human families. They have kids. Don’t know what happens to them when they grow up.

Part of the problem maybe. I’ve spend most of my live living in really expensive places middle and upper middle class people can’t afford to live. Strangely much like London plenty of poor people though.

I’ve never lived in a place where the guy to girl ratio is more girls or even.

I’ve also traveled to and stayed in places no one my age would be able to afford. The same goes here in the UK the only places I want to live are going to be full of old rich people and their young children (Most of whom are shit.) I know a lot of really rich girls all of whom are I swear shitier then poors. Rich fathers are home even less then poor ones. Rich people have less consequences for their actions.

The closest I have gotten to what may be a first world woman. Is some girl in Canada who I managed to piss off by not being particularly interested in hockey. Had to go back 15 years to think of that.

Plus now I can very easily blame ALL my life problems on lack of 1st world people.

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