The End of the EU blame game

Who to blame? Who to blame? Europe will never be the same.

Will the down fall of the EU be blamed on the single market, the single currency, single policy, Germany? Maybe it will be blamed on the migrants and if so which migrants. The Muslims, refugees, Illegals, 2nd generation migrants? Anyone but EU migrants?


Spain is the only country in the world in all of history where the population is going down.

spain drain

Most migrants are just shit who have nothing and go to nothing to escape nothing. Or are just here for money. Others are forced to move here by the Euro zone also their fault though.

“No nos vamos, nos echan,” Spanish for “We are not leaving, we are being kicked out.”

“I was just starting college when the crisis hit. My younger brother was about to enter high school. For the next six years, we saw both our parents lose their jobs; our aunts and uncles were laid-off; our friends, with their fresh university degrees, couldn’t find a place to work—not even for free. In just a few years, we found ourselves pushed two or three steps down the economic ladder and deprived of any sense of financial security. And our story was not unique, not by any means.”



1% population 4% GDP 7% welfare


7% Population 35% GDP 50% welfare


4% Population 23% GDP 19% welfare

I blame the voters/electorate. Everything is always their fault.

The EU/Germany seem to be setting up the blame on closed borders after they illegally closed them a year ago and that was before the big problem that they caused.




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