Reuters: Declares End of Europe

End of Europe

It’s not a particularly spectacular article. But I’ll take it.

Some quotes from EU leaders taking about Europe is on its “last chance”, and “at the beginning of the end”.

“Without Schengen … the euro has no point,” Truth is the EU their EU stopped existing at the G7 last year. Germany has decided to use the end of it’s power to make one last effort to fuck Europe into the ground before it dies. Got to admire Nazi commitment here right to the end.


The borders have been closed for a year. The Euro zone is pumping a trillion to try and prop up it’s failed market without the excuse of a recession when the rest of the world has long abandoned QE.

Political parties that have ruled European countries for decades falling to new parties because their leaders will not budge until they are pushed over the edge.

AP where you at? You called Obama a lame duck. Throw your 2p in.



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