The state of London

I’ve long reached the stage of burn all the migrants in a fire. But some people are still back at the PC stage of making reasoned arguments against them.


Here is a comment from an ES article about house prices putting people/migrants off starting families. This is a good thing really forcing a child to live in London should be a crime.

Well, I’m in my 20’s and am one of those fortunate/hard working enough to have a mortgage in a fairly central spot. But, would I want to start a family here? Absolutely not.

Unless you can afford the super-expensive, charming, tree-lined pockets of the city such as Chelsea or Richmond etc (or are eligible for social housing there), it’s just not an attractive option for a range of reasons.

1) the price jump from a 2 bed flat to a small, 3 bed house in my area is £250,000 plus. This difference alone would buy you a 4 bed house in most parts of the country.

2) The local streets are grimy, urban and the main roads are clogged up with buses, minicabs, trucks etc which pump out fumes all day long and make for a hazardous/polluted environment for children.

3) Perhaps due to the proliferation of social housing in the area or maybe just because it’s London, there are all sorts of unsavoury, shifty looking characters about at all hours of the day and night. I wouldn’t feel safe letting even an older child walk to the shop/park/friend’s house or even out of my direct sight line, alone. I have family in other parts of the country and it really is a world apart in this respect.

4) In the local schools, my child would be in a tiny minority in terms of skin colour, religion and native language (assuming they could even get a place, due to over-crowding). I think diversity is absolutely a good thing, but as with most good things, only in moderation. Not to the extent that a white, Christian child with English-speaking parents would be the odd one out.

When the time comes we will certainly be selling up and moving out, even if it’s just to the home counties. I grew up in a pleasant, more traditional part of the UK and certainly wouldn’t inflict central London life on my child.

Of course this is the reason all of the original Londoners have vacated London in a period of less then 10 years. Yes America it can and will happen that fast. More people have fled London then Syria and Libya which have been in a state of civil war for years. Maybe it should be declared a war zone at least that way people could claim asylum from it.

While migrants like to pretend they are victims…

I understand they perceive their sub human behavior as ”normal”. They get angry when you tell them to act human like it’s a bad thing. At what point do they grow a sense of shame?

Millions of people forced to change their entire lives. Fear. Destruction of our children. All so they can save less then a £1,000 a year. They don’t care about their kids. They don’t care about our kids. They don’t care what happens here (Why should they?) they can just go home.

No one wants to live in London. 75% of London is here for less then 5 years. The other 25% live in council homes. Despite being given everything housing, schooling, food and money they will actively bite the hand that feeds them. Dogs won’t even do that.

I don’t blame the animals. I blame the voters who allowed the zoo cages to open.

If you want to have money stop creating more poors (Having children). That thing you come here for is called capitalism do it in your own country.

You know what really gets me. The people who complain about the migrants. While hiring a migrant to cut their grass. A migrant maid and au pair to raise their children (Yet surprised when they turn out shit). Team of Polish to renovate their home. Eating at the kebab, curry or chinky rather then the chippy to save money. Taking an uber rather then a local black cab. In the long term trying to save a couple of quid has cost you thousands and ruined your life our kids and this countries future.

None of the Engrants in London understand what it is like to be a minority or had the experience of real racism outside some really old migrants. English people have the experience of both while trying to live in their own country.  Very large groups of English people are moving to other countries to get away from migrants it’s not about foreigners. Migrants are shit who fail out of their shit country because they fucked it up and now they have come to fuck up this country.



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