The real London housing crisis

Living here is well stupid.

London rent by tube Uk homes for cost of London US homs for cost of London

Living in a luxury hotel is now cheaper than renting a studio flat in central London

Lots of people want to work here. Buy properties here. But lets be honest NO ONE wants to actually live here. But there are a lot of immigrants trying with varying levels of success to share / rent here. Half of London has to be on anti depressants just to cope with London .

First off I’d like to point out the elephant in the room.

25% of London is council homes. Originally build to house people who worked for the council. Fire fighters, Nurses the police. People who the city needs to function but could not afford to live there. People who worked outside normal commuting hours and need to be able to get home. This made sense. Then they started putting retired people in them then the disabled and finally the poor at this point they went to shit and the council workers moved to nicer places.council

A further 25% of London is on housing benefit paying for a private flat. That is now 50% of London that the government is paying for. Distorting the market.

social rent

London owned

And basically spending a lot of money in the most expensive part of the country to keep the shit we don’t want here in the first place.




Then you have the people who want to blame everything on the rich foreigners who are buying £30 million homes. Or these ”Rich people” buying up luxury new flats.

dont look rich

It’s a bit funny to see a migrant who just fell out of the back of a lorry expect to be able to afford to buy a home in good area of the worlds most expensive city on 1/3 the minimum wage. They can’t even afford to buy a home in what ever shit 3rd world country they failed out of. Reality London doesn’t understand it.

Sure there are some issue with ‘buy-to-leave’ but the real issues are with ‘buy-to-let’ because that is the market most people are in. Landlord who will pay £10k or more then regular people can afford often in cash.

London’s homes are worth as much as Brazil’s economy

A Slice of London So Exclusive Even the Owners Are Visitors


Ghost mansions

ghost mansions


My biggest complaint here though is that my favorite restaurant closed. I shall blame this on immigrants also because it is their fault.

Where do the 3rd world shit creatures you see everywhere live?

Well lets take a look.


Most live 20+ people in three-bedroom London home. From 3 or 4 different families. 7 living in the cellar. Raids are a regular occurrence and not unusual to find 20 people living in a 3 bed house. They recently found 47 in a property meant to house 9.

Buy-to-let where you can buy a house for £250k and rent it out for £100k a year.

Suburban slumdogs: Scores of desperate migrants crammed into a shanty town of sheds and garages by ruthless landlords. No, not Mumbai… London

‘Youth hostel’ style rooms with total strangers on the market in London… for £303 a month

When rents are so high that you have to share a bed with a stranger

One in three London households are home to three generations, new figures reveal

Ex-cage fighter rogue landlord crammed up to 40 tenants in five-bedroom house

Soaring London rents mean tenants are sharing BEDROOMS: Twin rooms being offered for as much as £1,120 a month

When rents are so high that you have to share a bed with a stranger, surely the revolution can’t be far off

Beds in sheds

pm beds in shed


Some are a little more creative.

hidden homes

London’s ‘hidden homes’ three share a cramped room above a car repair shop on an industrial estate in north-west London. They are 20 residents paying £433 a month sharing eight rooms and a kitchen, while mechanics work on customers’ vehicles below. His daughters, now aged 18 and 21, sleep in bunk beds in the same room. The only other furniture is a small fridge, and there is mold on the walls.

Moldy houseboat slums


In which people pay to squat

whare house

‘Property Guardians’ Live in a World of Constant Anxiety

Tree house – £400 pcm


7ft wide house

7 fot wide house

A bit of a squeeze- Narrow house in Twickenham goes on the market for £300,000

All breathe in- London’s skinniest house – measuring 99 inches wide – is up for sale

Bed, in a shed, in the lounge – £480 pcm (plus bills)


At least this shed has a gate to you know keep the poors out


‘A real fixer-upper’- run-down bungalow on corner of Peckham street sells for almost £1million at auction

Flat literally makes you get on your hands and knees for a bed – £420 pcm

flat asdfas

Shows what it really takes to climb the housing ladder in London.

Student dorms London


Live in a cupboard


Under the stairs (Like Harry Potter) – £500 pcm


Hell it’s cheaper to commute from Spain then to live in London

madrid comute

The blog seen around the world. It’s cheaper to rent in Barcelona and commute to London

Who actually took his own advice.

In London, he had lived in a shared flat in zone 2, paying £700 a month in rent. In Barcelona he found a newly renovated two-bedroom flat with a roof terrace in the city’s Gothic quarter. “I can walk everywhere and I’m paying €800 a month, or £570. It’s not even comparable,” he said. His bills each month come to another €80.

He estimates that when all is said and done, he’s saving a few hundred pounds each month. More importantly, he said, his quality of life has increased. “It’s probably been the best decision I’ve ever made,” he added. “The quality of life is just so much better in every respect – housing, transport, food. It’s just not really comparable to my previous London lifestyle.”

A two-bed apartment in his neighborhood of West Hampstead now averages £2,137 ($3,318) a month, more than $180 more than in 2013 when he first wrote the piece.

‘Cheaper to commute from Madrid each day than rent in Camden Town’

madrid London

Now it really gets desperate (Yes it get worse much, much worse)

Living in a van


A tent in the front room – £550pcm


Shipping containers


Garage on sale £500k


Living in a public rest room

In the airport


On the bus






All this while

Empty homes Europe

Issues facing normal people who would live in London if not only migrants who failed out of the 3rd world can afford to live there.


Soaring house prices force what where once locals into longer commutes

Housing crisis: 6.6 million young Britons can’t afford to leave home

The toll of what would be spending in the economy

To be added a massive collage of beds in kitchens and showers in rooms (they should not be in).

Flat with double bed in middle of the kitchen on the market for £804 per month

Is this London’s smallest home- One-room property on market for £275,000

Room for rent in Docklands for £800 a month has shower yards from the bed

Shower under your bed in ‘cosy’ flat on the market in Kensington

‘Snug’ London flat with bed arm’s reach from oven goes on the market for £650 a month

Tiny flat in exclusive London postcode is small enough to microwave dinner from bed

£810 a month to rent this Notting Hill flat with ‘living room’ under the bed

‘Mattress with walls’ flat in south London is yours to rent for £700 a month

Tiny flat with kitchen sink inches from the bed rented within hours… for £750 a month

Two-bedroom home measuring just 8ft wide goes on market for £750,000

Want to buy this cupboard- That will be £7,500 please

Yours for £150,000- One-bed flat – that would benefit from a few more windows

Yours for nearly £600 a month- Earls Court flat hardly bigger than a single bed
Living room under the bed

“unfortunately no rafters or natural beams to hang from,”

Almost half of London workers ‘likely’ to move out of capital if housing costs continue rising


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