London: Syria needs your help!

her majesty

We had a nice country until migrants from London showed up here for a better life. While it may be acceptable to bomb innocent people, cut heads off and throw gays off buildings in London. These are not things we want. I don’t want to sound racist against Londoners. But this is not how civilized people conduct themselves. We simply don’t want London culture invading our society. Millions of people are being forced to flee the place they have spent their entire lives half of the population has now left due to Londoners. Taking lorries across Europe illegally crossing our border from neighboring countries who are doing nothing to help protect us some even pay for transport to send them here. While all these terrorists from London force us out we are treated like animals while trying to escape. Your government needs to do something anything to stop the radicalization of Londoners. This is your fault. This is you government fault. This is your countries fault. I wish these bloody foreigners would just fuck off back to London. Coming over here trying to force your culture on us we don’t want it. GO HOME!

This would be funny if it was not true. Really works both ways.

Not all Londoners are like this just most of them.

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