The hidden cost of being rich


Living  Lavish London

£10 million home

£1.8 million in stamp duty

£50,000 in fees

Up keep

£2,000+ in council Tax

£20,000 on utility bills

£50,000 on security

£20,000 on cleaning

£30,000 on a housekeeper

£67,000 on insurance

£6,000 on a gardener

That’s right the maintenance on a mansion cost more then the house you are sharing. This is just to keep the house going. Then you have renovations. There are always renovations.

Cost of living

2 kids in Eton

Private chef / Restaurants

Account to do my taxes. I don’t even know what he does. I probably don’t want to know plausible deny-ability and all that.

Charity donations (Expected from anyone who asks)


Every year I pay more in taxes then you will pay in your entire life. My house alone creates 6 full time jobs and supports 3 small companies. Not to mention the workers who are renovating it. All the stuff I brought for the house. All the restaurant workers my money trickles down to. I create wealth you consume and destroy it with out me you would have nothing.

The cars

I have to service that Maserati in the drive way every 3 months. Yes that is why I drive the Ranger Rover everywhere stop asking where my nice car is damn it you don’t even have a car. A lot of people drive a Porsche those things only need servicing once a year that’s why they are a woman’s car. My car drops your cars total value every time I take it out for a spin. Hell my parking stop is worth more then your home.

Who can afford it?

Premier league foot balers can’t even afford this with their £1.56 million a year salaries. Some of them do try this that’s how people with short term high pay careers go broke really fast. Promoting the how did they spend all that money. Half of it went to tax. 20% went to the agent. The rest was spent on a small team of minimum wage people needed to keep your house from falling apart you can’t hire them directly that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen and your name ran through the papers for immigration isses. You have to pay a service and that cost 75% more then the workers are actually getting paid but this avoids any problems.

The new build modern flats. 250,000 – 300,000 for a studio I pay that in bills every year. I actually think that is a really great deal. In fact it is even though you can’t afford it. It is like a when you pay £99 for an £800 I phone five on your 2 year plan. They sell you the phone cheap to get what they really want large sums of guaranteed income with a much higher profit margin then a phone sale. Same applies to a new build flat find out what the buildings maintenance fees are and have a little cry maybe sell a kidney.

Something you see a lot of in NY but not really here. It’s very normal to live out of a hotel suite you get a long term discount and complete privacy. This way the hotel staff do everything just like it is a hotel room you have nothing to worry about. You have a concierge room service even a driver. Though a lot of normal buildings have the last two. This is actually what one Hyde park is and that is why it cost so much. These places are not owned by rich people they are owned by countries and companies. The people who temporarily live in them are often guests. People we are courting for a business deal friends who are letting us stay in their Aspen ranch it’s house swapping millionaire edition. We did not buy that house for our kids sure they live there when it’s not needed for other things this is a lot smarter then leaving it empty. That house is an investment a better investment then stocks it will never go down in value I did not buy it to live in it though I might visit sometimes.

In London it is very typical to turn you home into an iceberg with all luxury conveniences bellow ground a pool and movie theater night club you name it. You are not allowed to build up so you build down they are even stopping that now. In NY it’s common to buy several of the apartments next to yours maybe even the entire floor and knock all the walls in. You can do this in a cheap area with a low tax rate in an old building doesn’t cost as much for the flats or the fees you are going to redo everything anyway why buy new just to rip it all out when you can start from scratch.

Why you should feel sorry for them?

Sometimes I look down from my penthouse balcony at the people in the pub having fun and think I wish I could do that. The people at the pub are probably ironically looking up at me looking down on them dreaming of being rich and living in the clouds. Rich people can’t have friends people treat you differently. People try to use you. You can’t trust anyone. Like being an exceptionally beautiful woman, most of the people who approach you are only after one thing, and that perspective warps your ability to connect genuinely with others—one of the most quintessential human needs. Almost everyone wouldn’t mind being a bit more beautiful or a bit more rich, but few can truly appreciate just how alienating it is to have either in such abundant quantity that they become the object of desire or envy by everyone you meet.

Why you should not

So I crawl back into my bed bury my head in my 1000 tread count Egyptian cotton down pillow roll around on my money and try to find solace between my super model girl friends legs. It sucks to be me…. She’s probably only there for my money fair enough I’m only with her for her looks. She’s not getting any of my money anyway though I will help her make her own money.

Poor hate the rich. Rich sill help the poor. It’s not your fault you are not smart.

Rich people don’t hate poor people. We understand you. You don’t understand anything about us. Rich people hate assholes. A lot more poor people are assholes then rich people and if we are treating you like an asshole it’s probably justified. Money doesn’t mean much to rich people they have always had it. It’s normal. Most of the rich people you see in the night club downing bottles of 1,000 champagne are middle class people trying to feel and look rich they will spend the next 3 months paying off that shit on their credit card. Rich people real rich people don’t flaunt their wealth at all in fact most go out of their way to cover it up they don’t have anything to prove. Yes they are accustom to living a different life style then you but everyone has their standards. The acting better then everyone else is well an act. You see this more from store and hotel employees also they don’t get paid shit but yet they give you dirty looks if they don’t think you belong even though they are one of you.

Why not kill the poor?

I’m sure we could, but that seems like a waste of good resources to be going around killing people – feels more likely to me that most of us rich would find a resourceful way to utilize people who may seem better off dead. Like assign some useful manual labor.

Why do we ignore you? Well we don’t really know who you could be. You could be a spy for an enemy company or the government you could be a reporter. It’s best just to not talk to anyone.Yes this is a very real concern most of us have learned the hard way.

Occasionally you see us doing something you consider really stupid. Nothing we do is stupid. If we make a stupid action there always a really good reason behind it though we will never tell anyone what that reason is.

Secrecy and loyalty amongst rich people is far greater then that of the poor. The poor will sell you down the river for envy, spite hell just about anything. We have understandings with each other we have unspoken rules we all follow like a code. We like to stay at the top of the ladder as you all pull each other down trying to get higher then one another. It’s the poor that keep the poor down not the rich. Poor people don’t like to see people doing better then them.

Stupid rich people have too much money.

This is what my maids daughter says about us to her poor friends. She says this because we give her our daughters clothes she has not worn from last season and her second I phone because our daughter got two for Christmas. You want to know something. We brought that shit just for you. We can’t strait up give it to you as a gift. Our Christmas gift can’t be better then your mothers we don’t want to make her look bad. That scholarship you got is not really because you had potential.It did not come from the school. We are secretly paying for that also. Fucking stupid rich cunts right? Don’t care about the poor…blah blah blah. You flash that iphone every change you get. You start to look down on your poor friends. Loyalty is not purchased directly with cash….The company your mother is working for is not paying enough for her to be loyal or live properly we are making up the difference.

Keeping up with Joneses

My first house was a small normal family home in a average neighborhood nothing fancy. It was just me a single guy. Everyone hated me this kid buying a house that their family can barley afford. To make matters worse I started renovating the life out of it. New windows. New wood floors. New bathrooms. New kitchen. I did a lot of the work myself. I enjoy building things it’s sort of a a hobby. One day this guys wife dragged her husband out pointed at me look at him up there working on his house improving things you can’t even change the fucking light bulbs she yelled. There was more of this quietly going on in the houses around me. I would do something shortly after they would also do it. I was the hypothetical Joneses. On top of that I could afford to take long vacations to exotic locals they would save for five years to go on a trip. Funny how one person can change an entire neighbor hood. I actually felt a little bad about causing them financial issues.


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