Customer Service Guide for London immigrants

Customer Service For Dummies

1) Don’t jump all over people when they first walk into the store.

This is just fucking irritating. Yes you think ”I am being very helpful”. You are not. Let people get comfortable in the store make yourself look like you are available to help. That means not being deeply involved in a personal conversation with your coworkers. Don’t stare at people do something but don’t look too busy. If someone is looking around confused or they look at you like they are looking for something go up to them and ask them if they need help finding anything show them where it is. Ask them if they need any further assistance and then leave saying ‘If you require any further assistance I will be over here”. It’s not rocket science

2) Don’t start a personal conversation with people.

We are here to shop not talk to you. You should never ask us questions. You should be facilitating our want to shop not distracting us from it.

3) Following people around like a lost puppy.

You know what makes everyone more comfortable. Someone stalking them and standing way to close and staring at everything you are doing.

4) Allowing people to think.

Yes people do think about their purchase before they make it. Shocking I know. We can’t do this if you are making personal conversation with us or stalking us around the store like a lost puppy.

5) Stop trying to think for me.

Stop trying to sell me stuff I don’t want. Stop trying to push something of on me like a Jehovah witness knocking on your door. Don’t try to talk me into anything this is the fastest way to make me leave your store buying nothing.

6) Allow people to browse.

I may have come into you store looking for one thing. I maybe in your store to pass time while I wait for my girlfriend to finish her shift. If you don’t allow me to freely walking around think about stuff to buy I’m not going to buy anything now or in the future. Your store is an advert. If you are harping all over me it basically the same thing as changing channel on the TV when your stores ad is on.

7) Learn about what you are selling.

Seriosly how can I walk into an major name brand store ask for a peacoat and you who works in a store that only sells coats not know what that is.

Though I often use questions to make an irritating sales person go away. I’ve yet to meet one who could answer my question right away. If they do they get it wrong.

In short

Less is more! Learn some digression.

Seriously 99.9% of times I walk out of a store is due to an overzealous sales person. Sometimes I just go home and think about it then order it from the internet. This is not helping your job. Stores in London for me have basically turned into find it on the net go to the store just to try it on and then order it from the net. You are doing yourself out of a job. You have turned your store into a really expensive changing room.

I don’t know why stores don’t have training for sales people?

These problems could also be caused by rotating staff in and out of a revolving door. Something I’m sure is pretty common with migrant workers. Maybe the expense to train them is not worth it due to their short term stay. Perhaps you can deduct the cost of training from thier pay.

Please don’t just stop here google ”customer service guides” maybe watch some videos on you tube. Do something useful.

Everything you think you know is wrong not everything that sounds good is right. Try going into other stores and see how it feels. I’m guessing most of you don’t shop at all or shop at primemark. Where there is probably no help at all.

I’m really fucking tired of saying ” In this country we….”


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