Vital services immigrants provide the UK economy


02_NCR_SelfServ_Checkout_-_self-checkout_at_Tesco-_20061) Customer service

These Chinese are taking all our jobs.

lice-sex-shop2) Women of the night

In London hookers cost less then a date. Hell they cost less then the cab ride home. Stay in get laid. Catch an STD. Save some money for heating your going to need it because of the 8% green gas tax you voted for but now complain about. NHS will sort out that burning sensation when you pee.

s1.reutersmedia.net3) Transportation

Failed the knowledge not qualified enough to be a taxi driver? Have we got the job for you. What would drunk tourist girls in central London do with out these guys? I mean really they can’t walk around in 6 inch heals without falling over when they are sober. This might be a little depressing though because you will never hook up with any of these trashy whores because you are rather ironically their bitch.

1254932657-london-police-arresting-drug-dealers155210_1552104) Pharmacist

If you have ever been to Camden’s A&E on a Friday or Saturday night you will see a lot of people ODing. Refusing to tell the nurses what they took. They are only trying to save your life you shouldn’t help. If you ever want to scare your kids of drugs take them to see this they will never touch the stuff. As well as adding this huge benefit to society these people are also on benefits because they don’t have a real job bet they make more tax free money then you do.

billboard0055) Advertising

No need to pay for an expensive ad in the paper, magazine, billboard, side of a bus or even on the tube. Strap that shit to a migrant for a fraction of the price.

url6) Statues

Much cheaper then any kind of metal. Middle eastern terrorists have discovered that if they put on masks and use silver paint to cover up the brown American tourists will give them money.

69627) Wait staff

If you have ever been to restaurant in the US you will know what good service is. Now this might be because they tip and we are cheap wankers. Or it might be because immigrants were never taught British manners. I would be very happy if my taxes where used to teach them these at the same time it is paying for them to learn English. Are you listening Mr Cameron?

shariah zone8) Law Enforcement

Muslims have taken it upon themselves to police their areas. Yes they are enforcing sharia law. No drinking. No skin ladies. (hookers can come in the back door though)

English Defence League protest9) Free speech inhibitors

You don’t know it but everything you do say and think is racist. That’s right. You are even thinking racist things right now aren’t you racist. This is the part were you feel bad for a minute but then reassert you racist thoughts as correct. Real facts and statistics are also racist. They don’t want to live with their own people but you better want them to live next to you or you are a racist.

roma10) Teaching other immigrants how to be English.

That’s right some Pakistani is going to fuck you up with you don’t learn the ways of the English. Now drink your tea infidel or else.

The Riots In Their Own Words311) Rioters

English people are lazy and don’t protest anything. So immigrants also have to do that too. Illegals will gladly burn down their local shops and homes. Though I suspect they just want to steal shit. No we can’t deport illegals who have committed crimes. They have more rights then you do. Thanks EU.


You need these to bridge the gap. Sometimes your doctor doesn’t speak English so they need to translate things. It’s usually a hot nurse which helps but you can’t help but wonder if everything is being conveyed properly don’t worry it’s only your health.

JSA13) Complaining about very generous benefits not being generous enough

Much like protesting English people don’t do this either. So again the immigrants have to make up for the lazy chavs and complain to increase their benefits.While you are hard at work paying for these people to complain for more of your money. These people are all over reddit bitching about how you racists are not providing enough for them. I’m looking at you /r/unitedkingdom.

1Everyone wonder why every paper in the UK is a tabloid? Well the fucking Uk is a tabloid and all that crazy shit is actually true. The guy who is trying to sell his UK provided house has another home in Spain.

800px-Cold_War_alliances_mid-1975.svg14) Cultural enrichment.

No need to travel to the 3rd world. You pay $5,000 – $10,000 a month for rent we will bring that shit right to your door step the only place it’s possible to get a vacation from London England is well in England at that other stuff is already in it’s segregated area of London only a short tube ride away.

itXU6qA5yRL415) Loyalty

Immigrants love the UK more then even the English Defense league. Well they don’t actually love the UK or those fucked up English people they love the pound. Fuck that Euro thing that’s worthless. They are willing to leave their friends, family, people, country, history hell everything behind for a few quid. Loyalty can be purchase at descend exchange rate.

london Crime Map-111831528416) Crime stimulus creates or saves hundreds of police jobs.

Crime Map.

Immigrant areas are plagued with crime. Sure they come out of them to rob tourists sometimes. This however makes London look really bad.
amy London17) Intimidating women

Some times you just want to scream at immigrants. No that is not how we do things in this country.
aiL1nXI18) Consumption

Well they are not consuming very much food. Maybe they spend all their money on clothes? I see them all over oxford street. None of them however have any shopping bags so they aren’t actually buying anything. They are just getting in the way of the people who are trying to buy stuff. I’ve never seen an immigrant in a furniture shop either not even IKEA and that’s in an immigrant area.

article-0-1A2E756200000578-383_634x400Shittyinfographics19) Real estate

Thanks to this shitty info graphic. We know that house sharing is what is driving up the costs of rent in London. The picture above is what it looks like when 14 people live in a shed.

n4hzqvL20) ”Local”cuisine

In London there are no more chippies. That’s right there are no fish and ship shops in part of England or even anywhere you can have tea. They have all been replaced by Indian take out and coffee shops.

London stereotype map

If you are confused about where to live in London please consult this stereo type map to find your segregated area.

Come to London get any one of these dream jobs in the center of the universe. Tell all your friends about your awesome shoe box cozy flat that you share with 12 other cunts always have your friends over that is not even really in London. They won’t know you are full of shit. You can’t return with you tail between your legs culled as a failure in the west.

Leave out the part where you don’t have any friends. The weather is shit. The fact you can’t get laid (Racist white girls) and live in a hell hole.








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