Real life lessons from the game of thrones

who is the bossThe advisers are the problem. The ”leaders” only want to get / stay in power or at least the illusion of it. You do get a crown made from shinny rocks and a chair made of swords (Must be comfortable). You also get the blame for everything the advisers do. Why people fight and kill to become a scape goat is beyond me.
winter is cumingThe entire world will go to war because a kid saw something he should not have. When the people do eventually find out they don’t care. It’s dismissed. Also siblings should probably not sleep together. You know because Joffrey.
Just do it alreadySo many people could easily stop all the shit that is going down but no one does.

go to sleep bitchThe king can’t do what ever he wants. Especially not when it is past his bed time. Only an idiot would want to be king.

black of hairThe people will believe what they are told to believe. Even if it’s blatantly obvious it is not true. I mean really every one can see their king has the wrong hair colour.

clever girl why do they love meThe people will be won over by lies and the smallest gesture of good will.

the people will obay no matter what

The pigs will always vote for the farmer with the largest slop bucket no matter how much slaughtering he does on the side.

trust you will dieTrust is the the fasted way to die in politics.

only power and money is powerThe rich control everything no matter what.

brings stick to a sword fight but has balls of steel Real heros are hiddenNo one ever knows of the real heroes.

i hate myselfPeople are loyal to where they are from regardless of where or how they are raised.

Loyal only to thy self dies emptySome people are loyal only to themselves. These people don’t have anything else to be loyal to.

winners make historyThe winner writes history and it is what they make it.
Feelings are the only godVaginas get a lot of people killed. They also make a lot of bastards.

The whores know everything. He who controls the whores wins.


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