The first to conquer the British empire.

The EU.


Britain has invaded 90% of the world.


As the saying goes

The sun never sets on the British empire.


However Britain was not invaded. Britain was obtained via political means. Britain houses of power the Conservatives and Labour in a constant battle for the black door.the black door

When Labour had obtained the door it decided that it could best keep the door should it allow people from other lands into its gates. It would feed and shelter these people so that they would become loyal to the door and their house. It was short sighted they did not see the big picture they did not realize how much of a burden these foreigners would become. That they would take jobs that the people of Britain once occupied. Jobs that once made the British people proud they now see as beneath them.  It would raise the cost of living in the capital and rent would sky rocket. Pay would go down as there were more people then there where jobs people could not negotiate up as they where easily replaced.The capital got so over run with foreigners that 55% of native people of Britain moved out of the capital to live in the country side.

The door facing mountain of debts. The master of coin using ridiculous tactics to maintain an illusion of solvency. The kingdom was in trouble.


Britain not realizing it was the most powerful force in the new EUrope empire. Was being taken advantage of along with the other powerful countries of France and Germany. The laws enforced on Britain by the new empire where designed to lower Britain’s place in order to boost other less fortunate countries in the empire. Britain had edicts placed on among other things the fishing of its own water forcing fishing villages to lose their once thriving source of income. Edicts costs that outweigh the advantages of the empires single market by 600 billion pounds of gold a year. Edicts of Common Agricultural Policy cost each family an extra 1200 pounds of gold a year in higher food bills. There was a value added 20% tariff placed on all non essential trade. 84 per cent of the edicts placed upon Britain and the rest of the empire where now coming from the  empire Britain had lost it’s sovereignty the native people growing tired of this and also of having to give 14 billion pounds of gold every year to the empire. Tired of adjusting their lives to accommodate for the foreign people they formed a house to fight for the independence of Britain. Jeremy clarkson ukip

Britain had strong alliances with the largest empire the United states they where called. Britain still had it’s own empire. The requirements placed on Britain would however not allow them to negotiate much more liberal trade agreements with third countries than is possible under the empires Common External Tariff.

The foreigners who had fled their own countries, their own people, their own families in order to profit from the benefits of Britain began to complain that the people of Britain hated them and that they where racist. This has failed to understand some quite normal human feelings about rapid change and the unfamiliar. The rich families in Britain happy about the fact they could now purchase cheap Labour gave money to the empire in return the empire would grant them favors in other ways with a phenomenal return on the poultry initial investment. They would use their money to fight to keep the empire because they where in control of it.

May of the rich families throughout the empire realizing that Britain was the most profitable part of the empire moved their interests into the capital they purchased homes driving up the price for the locals and foreigners alike. The capital was now becoming only rich families living in gated castles. OneHydePark1_2183352k The dirt poor immigrants living in flee bottom some sleeping several people in a room of size not fit for an imp. The capital was now becoming a bed of crime, disease and drug use.

The foreigners did not care about the fate of a country that was not theirs. They cared not even of the fate of their own country. Doctors where moving to Britain for prospects of greater levels of pay mean while their countries suffered shortages of doctors. Their people suffered their countries become even worse off because all the people smart and skilled enough to improve their country had left for the great capital. The empire was consuming itself by greed there was no loyalty there where no morals everyone was out for themselves each pointing the finger at each other as the cause of the issue adamantly while claiming they where not to blame.

The richest country in all of the lands Switzerland refused to join the empire as it would lose it’s fortunes to the empire. The happiest country in all the land Norway refused to join the empire because the empire would not allow their government to continue their current political environment. Yet despite both being outside of the empire both export more goods proportionately, to the empire than Britain does meaning there is no trade benefit for Britain being in the empire only the loss forced on them by the edicts of the empire.

Outside of the empire Britain would have less restrictions on its activities and it would be more competitive and innovative.

Oh, and we’d be a democracy again. Subject only to our own rule.


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