NYC vs London Infographic

I don’t think it’s really fair to compare London to NYC. London is far more similar to Smaller cities like Boston or DC. Though the majority people in those cities tend to live outside of the city and commute in which is not possible in London due to ridiculous train prices.

NYC vs London Infographic

NYC is better at

Miles ahead of London in terms of customer service. London’s motto seems to be “that’ll do.”

Less crowded despite having more then twice as many people per square mile.

Better Dinning (But more expensive) You get what you pay for I guess.






Night life

Living space (Due to less building height restrictions)

View (Due to less building height restrictions)

More modern

More technology


Less Tax

Lower utility costs

Less Immigrants

London is better at


Vacations time (Cultural difference and can be negotiated in NY contract.)

Cost of goods


Most museums don’t charge admission

Traveling opportunities

More attractive people.


Art Galleries. London has more quantity NY has more quality.

Parks are a tough one London has numerous small parks. NY has less quantity but more magnitude.


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