London Night Life

The freaks come out at night. This is actually an understatement.

There are a lot atractive women running around London. So the odds are good but the goods are odd.

If you want to engage in a casual relationship you would be an idoit to do it with a local. Local sluts are dirty STD/STI disseaes riddden whores they are sleeping with an obseene amount of undesirable dirty guys. You are in London there are tourists everywhere clean tourist girls who are gone within a week or two. NO drama NO disease NO commitment. You’d be stupid to do anything else.

Now if you are an idiot and whats to fratinize with the locals.

Ok so you have camdem which is pretty scary. It’s full of goths. People with lots of tattos. But the occasional hottie with daddy issues would be an easy target though she is probably into some weird shit. I warned you proceed at your own risk.


Then there is SOHO which is full of gay people with no self respect or dignity.


Shoreditch is hippster central. Hipster means gay person who has some self respect and dignity but still has the same wardrobe. Some of these people might just be European but it’s imposible to tell the difference between a gay and a European there may not even be a difference.


Mayfair which should be a nice classy area sadly it is anything but. This is where all the poor people who want desperatly to be rich go. It’s very tacky. Everyone here is a posser.


You can’t really go out looking for suitable night life. You are just going to go to an area. Walk all around get lost and never find anywhere decent to go.

I’ve had no problem finding night life in other places and cities.

Montreal I found a place for every night of the week in a few hours even though it was a very last minute trip.

NY I was not even interested in going out. Was taken to some places. Took a while to find out there are some decent little bars and lounges that aren’t too full of people. This didn’t take long and took little effort.

I’ve lived in London for a year now. I’ve still not found anywhere decent to go out.

Pubs (I can see why so many of these are closing down.)

Pubs would be great if they played music. Some get a live band occasioanlly thus making them worth going to when they have that. Pubs also tend to be people in groups so you can’t use them to meet people. Some pubs are only old acholics.

Now london has some unique problems that hinder its night life.

The biggest issue is trasportation.

The tube is closed from 12:30pm. There are night busses but the buss system is so fucked up you can’t even figure it out when you are sober let alone after you have had a few. A taxi is too expensive double the price you would pay in NY where I would have no problem using cabs to get around plus the subway runs at night. Many people live so far out it would be very unreasable to use a cab to get home so they don’t go out other then to thier local.


Drinks are pretty expensive in London. The middle class has pretty much moved out of London due to the fact there are too many imigrants. London is left with the really rich and the really poor. Who tend to stay in thier areas.

Verdict: Save your money stay at home.


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