UK Spending, Deficit and Debt charts

How the tax you pay gets spent.

Below shows how tax on an average annual income of £20,000 will be spent.

How tax is spent by the government

These figures are based on 2012/2013 tax levels.

Total tax is £3,579.96

The average tax rate is 18% (18p from every £1 you earn)

The Marginal tax rate is 32%

Estimate how much Income Tax and National Insurance contributions you can

expect to pay on your income and find out how this money is spent by the Government.

There is an app for that.

Source: HM Revenue and Customs

Spending by department

The first few charts are the UK spending by department shown in different formats to help you visualize the information better.

All numbers are in billions of pounds (£).

The years 2013 -2015 are projections.

All figures are from the Office for National Statistics.

Chart Line for idiots

spending by department data only

UK Spending By Department LineUK Spending By Department barUK Spending By Department 3dUK Spending By Department 3D 2UK Spending By Department pie
UK Spending By Department pieUK Spending By Department AreaUK Spending By Department Radar

Radar new

Welfare spending breakdown

Below is a breakdown of welfare spending 2011-2012 it shows if the percentage has grown or been cut from the previous year.

Welfare spendingGovernment Income vs Spending

Tax Receipts 2012/13

£592 billion

Government receipts 2012-13

Government Income vs spendingThe red line is how much the government spends the blue line is the total government income the difference is the deficit.(Below)

UK Yearly deficitI tried to make it look like an iceberg the biggest problem is the part underneath. If you see it coming and take corrective action you can avoid it.

The Yearly deficit (above)drives up the national debt. (Below)

UK National debtNational debtBelow is the debt level compared to GDP.

GDP is the total amount of money spent inside of the economy including government spending.

The worrying factor here is that the debt level is money the government goes into debt.

The money the government goes into debt every year is almost as much as the total money spend inside the economy even though it includes government spending.*

*Not all the government spending is inside the economy but that is also a big problem.

Debt to GDP

Current spending levels

2012 government spending

2012 spending2011 bubble

(above) is from 2011 the previous year.

Data provided by the Office for National Statistics

Assistance provided by midnighthiccup and his father


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