Immigrants are sell outs

I like to think of places as corporations or a family. So….

“Allowing skilled emigration is
stealing human capital from poor countries.”

Firm=This is like if google took all the good people from yahoo. 
Fam= A friends parents take your kid.

“It’s a waste of money to train people who just plan to emigrate.”
“Skilled migrants who leave for a rich country never come back.”

Firm= Spends all this money training you and then you walk out.
Fam= Spend 14 years teaching you right from wrong to have you move to your friends parents house.

“The emigration of _______ causes suffering in their home country .”

Firm= The lose some big accounts. Other people have to work longer to make up for you.
Fam= You are no longer helping to decorate the Christmas tree.

“Skilled emigrants build trade and investment ties.”


                                            “Skilled emigrants make money.”

I do not see why any country should be forced to allow the dilution of its way of life and the character of its people by allowing others to enter at will. How can we preserve our individuality if too many different races try to exist and live ‘cheek by cheek’? No, let those who wish to improve their way of life do this through the democratic process at home. We are already an overcrowded.

Skilled people who leave their own country for more money in a new country are traitors who are the reason their country is in bad shape. For example India has a critical shortage of health care works yet anywhere you look in NHS there are employees from India.

Interesting related article in the Guardian.


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