Where to live in London

This guide is for upper middle class people who would prefer to live in a quiet suburban area. When I was trying to move back to London I was sure based on all my research the area I would want to live was Chiswick once I got here is was very much a different story. Especially once I found out it was on the worst tube line the district line I would rather kill myself then go on that tube line everyday.

It would be a good idea to stay in a hotel in the area to get a feel for it. Or at the very least spend a few hours there during the day and the night.

Where you live in London depends on a lot of things. Most importantly.

1) Where do you work?

You ideally want to try and live on the tube line you work on. People don’t really think about the time it takes them to wait for the next tube and walk around stations. The average commute in London door to door tends to be about 45 minutes. The tube is not always the best or fastest method of it could be a mix of the bus tube and walking you will learn the best method once you start living in an area.

2) Where are you friends?

Where do my friends mainly meet up? If they live in zone 1 and I want to move there too, but they mainly socialize in zone 2, I’d be daft to pay the extra rent premium to live nearby.

Am I rationalising living somewhere within zones 1-3 when in fact, I’m probably only going to want to get home at 3am once a month? Should I pay hundreds extra a month in rent for that one or few nights out? Try to calculate your social patterns. If desperate to get home from Z1 at 3am in blistering snow is only going to be once a month = a £30 cab fare, you can probably justify living further out and having much cheaper rent.

I can’t begin to stress how much these to two are the most important factors you must consider when looking for some where to live here. Your commute to and from work will take about 2 hours everyday.  And planing out transportation balances with your social and work life will save you lots of money.

3) What kind of area would you like to live in?

Do you want peace and quite? Good you’ve come to the right place. Me too. I can help you with that. If you want more of bustling area you are on your own.  There are too many different areas and circumstances for me to cater a guide to everyone.

where to live in London I have un-shadded the good areas. Yes I know this is a little backward but google won’t let me just shade in the nice areas.

Please compare it to this.

Here is a list of the areas You can un-check the box on the map in the link above to see where that area is.


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