London Shopping

Oxford Street

Well the only reason to go to Oxford street is Selfridges. Other then that it should be avoided like the plague.Image

Bond Street

The only reason to go to Bond street is because since my arrival the first Victoria Secret has opened in the UK. Not one but two.


Westfield London

There are two Large shopping centre (Malls) in London one is in White City and the other is in Startford (Where they hosted the Olympics) These would be the preferred shopping destinations over Oxford street and the like.


Better Alternatives to Oxford Street.

King’s Road


Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of trendy boutiques, unique labels, designer shops and high-street staples, alongside a vast array of cafes and eateries.

Covent Garden

Whether you want hip fashion, unique gifts, rare sweets or one-off handmade jewellery.


Most well know for Harrods and Harvey Nichols. I don’t really know what happened to Harrods but I have not wish to go there anymore. Harvey Nichols is trying to hard to be cool. It would be better to take a stroll down Sloane Street for a whole host of big-name fashion designers which will connect you to Kings Road (Mentioned above)

Savile Row

Known worldwide as the home of bespoke British tailoring, Savile Row is the place to come if you want a handmade suit crafted the old-fashioned way (with a price tag to match).

One New Change

A smaller (But not too small) less busy version of Westfield. It’s a shopping centre (Mall) in the center of London.


Brent Cross

This is your typical shopping centre (Mall) in north London. It’s on the tube. But it is the ONLY shopping center (Mall) in London with a parking lot meaning you can drive there.


Tottenham Court Road

Tottenham Court Road is situated just a short walk from Oxford Street it’s London’s premier shopping street for furniture.

I strongly recommend. It’s real wood not that MDF (Particle board crap). Yes I have purchased my things from here.



Argos is a catalogue merchant based in the United Kingdom. With about 740 stores, it is the largest general-goods retailer in the UK. I was very judgmental about shopping here. There is no show room. You find out what you want to order from the net / catalogue / store then you go to one of the shops with the number and they get the product from the back room. It’s is much cheaper because they don’t have to maintain a massive store with displays and tons of staff. They have a very good return policy you will have no problem taking anything you don’t like/want back.

Hardware stores

Homebase: Is more of a home good plus hardware store


B&Q: Mainly a hardware store. But carries some home goods.



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