London Grocery Shopping


Waitrose is the standard by which all supermarkets should be judged.

I would refer to this as a gourmet store it’s going to carry your basics and anything fancy.

For example Waitrose is the only grocery store that carries veal. The wine is arranged on the shelves by region rather than colour.

When I first moved back to London I lived in docklands and Waitrose was my only option like the DLR I thought wow London is nice classy and new. Then I found the tube and went on the district line. I loath the district line.


Morrisons this is where I do most of my shopping it’s your general grocery store.









Whole Foods is the organic store. Yeah I know I’m not into that either. They do however do the best job of fresh fruit and the best job of butcher meat.Image





Tesco yeah right now we are at the height of the horse meat scandal. No I don’t buy my burgers out of a box so this does not really effect me much. But the horse is not the problem the problem is people had no idea they were eating it. It even said 100% beef. So lack of trust with your food/life is enough not to shop here. But lets be real Tesco is going to be the closest store to you. It’s going to be around the corner from your job it’s going to be right next to the subway so you are going to use it as your convenience store for small items.













I live within 10min of three different stores so I’ve not bothered to online shop yet. If I was still living in docklands this would be the only way I would shop. But here is a good review of all the online shopping options.


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